2015 [APAC] Xerox Premier Partners Conference


I arrived in Bangkok late last night, via Beijing.


Today, we set up our Tango+ booth.  The Tango+ banners looked great.

Being with the Elixir team is a really big buzz.  Their commitment, knowledge, and enthusiasm is remarkable!


Here’s to all who work so hard, are so smart, and give so much to Elixir; you are the reason that Elixir has become such a formidable family and has given birth to such a formidable child in Tango+!




Elixir has the best looking booth in the conference hall!  Like I said the last time I wrote, as we were setting up, the Tango+ banner, text, and the multimedia aspects are all captivatingly simple and the look & feel of Tango+ is crystal clear to all. Throughout the day, Amin, Ali, and Faisal  presided over our booth. All three of them are highly qualified and confident, and are also adept techno-marketeers, with years of integral customer experience – Tarek and I were quite proud of these men and how they represent the true spirit of Elixir!



The show had “track sessions” featuring keynote speakers in the large hall.  Participant companies also showed off products outside during all the breaks, and throughout lunch.


People were quite riveted by Tango+, the graphic simplicity and ease of use they saw through our Tango+ Business User Experience (BUX) attracted many, and the elasticity and continuity of the Tango+ SaaS platform impressed all!  Like we figured, Tango+ was the ONLY cloud-based Enterprise Content Management/Customer Communications Management solution in sight!  Elixir leads the pack; we truly are unique SaaS pioneers!


Our friend E. (Fuji Xerox China), who has worked tirelessly the past five years helping to release Tango+ to the Asian markets, met us warmly; he was elated about a certain Tango+ sale.  He was especially stoked on Ali, for his interactions with the customer, and for strategically targeting his demo to solving their exact pain points with Tango+. This client had actually chosen another vendor; but after Ali’s demo, and with E’s support they changed their course for Elixir shores, and Tango+!


Later in the evening, the entire Elixir Bangkok Team enjoyed a spectacular dinner in one of the best restaurants in Asia.  We were perched high in the sky, on the 51st floor of a skyscraper, watching the city lights and exalting in the day’s harvest, and in our gratitude for rewards sewn by hard work and dedication of Elixir All.

As we enjoyed our meal and conversation, I realized the importance of the young people before and around me.  They are the future of our beloved Elixir; they will chart the course for our future.

The Bangkok show has turned out to be very important and without E’s support we would have been “just another vendor” in a sea of vendors.  Here is the moral of the story, as told by E.:

“Be patient and move with confidence – we have [what] this market needs; and Elixir has a formidable lead in the cloud-based world – success will come from the excellent work and support that our Elixir Development, Deployment, Professional Services, and Tech Support teams provide.”



Today, Thursday, is a day for us to connect with our newfound prospects, and to continue the Tango+ global journey.


Today, Thursday, is a day for us to connect with our newfound prospects, and to continue the Tango+ global journey.

Thanks to Elixirians who have earned this reward and to be a part of the Elixir family!  You can all feel proud of this team; you sent us here to represent Elixir, and we are doing a great job, if I do say so myself!

The first prospect we met with is a company that wants to forge ahead with a modern, SaaS, cloud-based offering like Tango+.  We asked them to tell us about their pain points; and, once again, they gave us a list of the challenges they face, which seem to be universal to all the clients we have talked with.

1) Time to market is critical.  The competition today is fast and furious

2) Customer correspondence must be generated faster.  Organizations must meet the challenge of faster production.  Tango+ rises to the occasion with: Live Preview and On-Demand Production Proofing, Workflow and Approval Cycles, a single repository for content, – and the Tango+ Data Schema and data mapper to unifies disparate databases silos.

3) Print and mail vendor agnosticism was asked how Elixir attracts (and retains) such amazing talent, with rivals like Google, Microsoft, and all the many other tech giants on the rise. 

4) Manual processes and antiquated systems take too long, and do not integrate with modern solutions and methods.

I was asked how Elixir attracts (and retains) such amazing talent with rivals like Google, Microsoft, and all the many other tech giants on the rise.  My response was simple.  Talented people want to work with Elixir for career development.  Our culture fosters them, and the Elixir family environment makes them want to stay with us for years.  We take care of our employees – seniors love to coach and nurture the younger recruits; to top it off, we produce world class software and are well-known for providing exceptional “service at all costs.”


It is a joy to be with my young, dedicated Elixir colleagues; they give me energy and knowledge, and I consider myself very fortunate to call them my true family.

I have re-realized the importance of these shows for gaining knowledge and building lasting relationships.  Here in Asia, Elixir and Tango+ have been validated as formidable in terms of both service and product!

-Basit Hamid, CEO

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