Health Insurer Takes Control And Delivers Member ID Cards 75% Faster

A New York health insurer with 1.8 million members was nearing the end of a contract for outsourced ID card design and production. To continuously improve their quality standards, the insurer took this opportunity to review overall performance. Their assessment showed unacceptable production times and increasing costs. The outsource vendor’s system requirements were forcing the insurer to adopt processes that resulted in lengthy delays serving customers and incremental cost overruns:

  • Inefficient Proofing Process: It took a full 7-10 day production cycle to generate, print and mail ID cards to the insurer for proofing and approval. That 10 day process was repeated if any edits were required.


  • No Reusable Content: The system did not reuse ID card templates or content when the insurer on-boarded a new customer. The amount of duplicated effort continued to grow.


  • Costly Change Management: Every change request required formal Statements of Work at an additional charge, adding to the inefficient proofing and template creation process.


Enrollment season was only four months away. So the insurer had an extremely short time frame to make final decisions and deploy a new system. Failing to do so would mean renewing the outsource contract and locking themselves into ongoing inefficiencies and costs.

To optimize their workflow and better serve their members, the health insurer decided to bring ID card production in-house. They chose the Elixir Technologies Communication System because they wanted control and visibility across the entire process—from design to delivery. Since Elixir’s Cloud-based architecture is configurable, the insurer deployed the application and process they preferred within the four-month deadline.

  • Real-time Approval Cycles: ID card design proofs are generated on demand or at pre-defined points in the workflow—viewable anywhere in a browser.


  • Centralized Content: Content and templates are indexed and available for immediate reuse.


  • Automated Change Management: Business rules are created to drive the majority of ID card content dynamically, for less manual editing, fewer mistakes and faster production.


  • Visibility and Control: Each step of the ID card production process is tracked, monitored and optimized in real-time from a browser.



Increased Operational Efficiency

  • 3 Day turnaround versus 10+ for new ID cards
  • Same day turnaround for reprints
  • Decreased manual editing
  • Fewer mistakes and reprints


Cost Savings & Controls

  • ID card system deployed within four months
  • Avoided lock-in to inefficient and costly outsource contract
  • Visibility and control across the entire production process
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