A Harlequin Romance – Client Satisfaction and Enterprise software solution

Someone is there to stand by you! Ever felt the power of this short yet concrete reassurance and all the confidence one gets with it? Buying a service, plan or may be a solution regardless how amazing, the need for someone to count on, in tough times AKA a crash, has never dived down on its importance.

On the flip side of the above thesis, it is imperative for the businesses to understand that if businesses start spreading the love, its clients will keep falling for it again and again and again…..So how do you do it?

All businesses love their clients, but clients, like your high school crush, can easily slip away, why no reciprocity, why no response, why the relationship is always in swing — ever wondered?
A strong business-client relationship is extremely important in the case of enterprise communications solutions, where troubles and needs surface every day, and as a solutions provider, if there are recent cases of customer slip off, it’s time for to ask some very crucial relationship questions. Here is what we ask at Elixir:

  • When our beloved clients reach out to us, are we listening? (Properly)?

When we receive a support request, we also see it as an opportunity to gauge our client’s future needs and then responding quickly to these needs. How? By developing an efficient system to raise a need alarm to the concerned department/ personnel. We see it as our job to tell our client what is needed, as they may not know it.

  • Any relationship is a two way street, so it is important to reach out to each client, asking their feelings AKA pain points.

Many enterprise correspondence solutions provider just  keep taking Annual Licensing Fee (ALFs) and don’t make it a point to connect with clients, yet reaching out to them is the best way to understand their needs of TODAY than dwelling on solutions sold 4 years ago.

  • How carefully do you listen and how honestly do we answer?

A well-trained technical support team, capable of addressing an issue effectively will be a great player in reaffirming the relationship with each client. How? By deploying well trained and fully equipped to-the-teeth kind of technical support staff, who could have a, ‘solving there and then’ attitude. After all, we recognize that nobody wants to go to a doctor who needs to go to another doctor to get a prescription for your illness, (However, occasionally it is acceptable).

  • Your account management should be the eyes and ears of what you need.

Personal touch is always vital and will remain as such forever, so keeping an efficient account management system is one of the major factors ensuring trust. How? By erecting an end-to-end account management system, where each account is assigned to an account manager whose job is to always “keep an eye and two ears” to express care for every client.

For every business, it is important to reaffirm the relationship with clients and express your feeling for them, timely and wisely and in a way that fully supports their goals. At Elixir, it is just the norm.

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Hammad Maqsood

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