Bank management wanted every customer touchpoint

Oman Bank Streamlines Launch with Best in Class Customer Correspondence Management


This large Oman-based bank is a Shariah compliant Islamic bank established in 2013 providing a full range of banking solutions to individuals, corporations, and government institutions. With several well-established competitors already serving the market, bank founders knew that being the newest entry into the Oman banking sector would require smart preparation and superior service to make its launch successful.

In the planning stages, bank leaders identified key areas they believed would provide competitive advantages. The bank wanted to enter the market as a leader in efficient, customer-centric operations and a system for Customer Communication Management (CCM) was a critical element to their infrastructure.

Bank management wanted every customer touchpoint to be exceptional and knew that the correspondence a customer receives — its timeliness, accuracy and even delivery methods — was the key to a good experience.

Challenges | Position Bank for Fast, Agile Growth
The bank needed a CCM solution that would get them operational quickly, be able to issue all types of customer correspondence immediately, and provide the flexibility to easily adapt processes according to future technology changes.

  • Multi-Channel from Day One
    Offering customers e-mail and online access from the start was important. Both to signify that the bank understood customer preferences and also to avoid costs related to print and postage if possible.
  • Responsive Customer Support 
    The bank wanted to empower the support team to resolve customer questions as quickly as possible whether by phone, online chat or e-mail. This required a system that could give support representatives real-time access to all correspondence that had been sent to the customer.
  • Standardize on Modern Applications 
    A key operational goal was for bank personnel to work using modern technologies and tools. Browser-based applications would allow staff to work from any location and from any computer or smart device.
    The bank needed a CCM system that could support periods of rapid growth guaranteeing that all new customers received the necessary communications on time.  The CCM system, like all the bank’s enterprise applications, needed to be scalable and based on open standards to support cross-system compatibilities.


Results | Multi-channel Customer Experience from Day One

Focus on the Customer Experience
Elixir’s Tango uses the bank’s business rules to dynamically drive the delivery methods and schedules. Customers can opt to receive some correspondence electronically and others in print. The bank was able to avoid starting with a print-centric system and having to transition customers to electronic delivery options.  One Tango template generates all the output formats needed including print as well as PDF, which can be e-mailed securely and is stored in the bank’s archive system.

Customer Support Teams Enabled 
With Tango, all correspondence is archived at the same time that it is sent to the customer. When customers contact the bank with questions regarding a document, support teams can access the exact version from the archive by searching on any content element including customer name, account number, or even partial information. The correspondence displays real-time in the same format the customer received, making questions quick to resolve.

Browser-based CCM Platform Supports Current & Future Technology Strategies 
Tango is a perfect fit for the bank’s requirements. Accessed completely through a browser, the design team builds document layouts; a web-based workflow routes proofs to managers and tracks approvals; and production is managed and monitored over the web.

Built on open standards, Tango has the capability to integrate with third-party systems giving the bank the flexibility to add or change systems in the future without interruption in correspondence workflows or other processes. Even with the wide adoption of electronic delivery, the bank still prints nearly 20,000 statements each month, a number that is increasing as the bank continues to grow.

The bank had a competitive advantage from day one. While other banks were struggling to repurpose older systems that could not scale for fast growth or serve customers beyond print, the bank offered state-of-the art services from the day they launched. Using Tango, the bank is producing highly customized customer correspondence efficiently and cost-effectively. Customers set preferences for how they would like to receive their account information, either electronically or print. The archive system is updated in real time so support teams can access the same correspondence that the customer received, making calls quick to resolve. The Tango platform can scale from simple print correspondence applications to complex omni-channel applications involving hundreds of users and serving millions of end customers with personalized content optimized for their devices.

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