Cloud-Based Correspondence Management Applications – Business Drivers for SaaS

Key concerns have been addressed: security, scalability, and IT maintaining appropriate control over exponential growth in numbers of users.

Elixir introduced Tango in 2011, a web-based platform to design, manage and publish customer correspondence completely in the browser thus eliminating the need for locally installed software.   Tango’s early versions supported the core services related to document composition such as design and layout, data management, business logic, content management, and production.

Today Tango has expanded to include interactive web portals that allow business users to manage many of the complex processes that previously were controlled by IT and document services.  Tango provides the economic benefits of SaaS along with the controls needed to securely serve the needs of the enterprise and efficiently involve all the stakeholders needed to deliver customer correspondence.

ROI Tied to Individual Correspondence Applications
Subscription costs are aligned with actual use which can include a specific application such as a welcome kit, or set of applications such as all the documents required to bring a new customer on board. Choosing Elixir’s hosted subscription model allows you to opt out of the CAPEX discussion.

Security & Control
Hosted in a secure, PCI and HIPAA-compliant environment, using single-tenant, private cloud model.  Tango services are designed from the ground up to run in a secure and compliant server environment, and to connect to your users using the same security technologies that protect your systems today.

Tango’s SaaS model allows customers to scale up and down to meet their needs in real time. Users can be provisioned any time with permissions and access effective immediately; new applications can be deployed and in use in a matter of hours; world class hosting providers ensure system performance and reliability.

SaaS On Your Terms
Elixir’s unique approach to SaaS architecture means that Tango can be delivered completely from the cloud. With deployments ranging from an Elixir-hosted dedicated or shared external cloud environment, your own internal enterprise cloud environment, or a hybrid configuration, you have numerous options.

Managed Services
Elixir knowledge and expertise can be leveraged by the business to support as much, or as little as necessary to get applications launched.

Tango is architected to deliver all the benefits we’ve come to expect with SaaS. Customers subscribe for access to the specific correspondence applications needed and pay for use. Accessibility requirements are simply a browser and internet connection.  Upgrades to functionality are managed centrally and are transparent to the end-user.

Tango allows companies to retain all the IT security and control provided by traditional infrastructure resources with the operational advantage of cloud computing.

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