CMS Has Got Your Number – What Medicare ID Card Changes Mean for Health Care Payers

Preparing for the new ID cards may seem daunting, but it also represents a golden opportunity to optimize people, processes, and technology in the healthcare space

CMS plans big changes for provider directories. Are you ready?

The Centre of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) revealed that 45% of Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs) had inaccurate provider directories. In response, CMS has issued a statement requesting for stronger oversight over online provider directories.

6 Value Based Care Principles for a Winning Communication Strategy

With its emphasis on coordination of care, analytics, and patient engagement, value-based care offers some valuable lessons for the C-suite when it comes to crafting business correspondence and regulated documents.

Transform Member Engagement through Digital Communication

When it comes to providing high quality, affordable health coverage, payers who adopt a multi- channel communication strategy have the edge over those who stick with traditional legacy solutions.

Curing the Knowledge Gap: The key to high quality, affordable healthcare

Passing of the affordable care act allowed consumers to select health insurance plans themselves for the first time. Although many resources are available, basic knowledge still lags. Here is how digital transformation helps customers become more aware.

Give Your Star Ratings a Boost with Enhanced Customer Communications

As online healthcare exchanges rise, opportunity for agents falls. Star ratings are lighting the way for individuals shopping online for healthcare plans. Twinkle, twinkle, little star ratings… How I wonder what you are! This is a great place to find out.

That’s a Wrap: CY 2017 Year in Review and Predictions for CY 2018

The 2017 enrollment season for Medicare is just around the corner. As payers put the final touches on plan offerings, Elixir is taking stock of changes to CMS marketing materials and what those changes say about the current state of the healthcare industry.

Is The CMS a Unifying Force?

CMS regulated plan materials are a big set of steps in the right direction for online commerce and digital process transformation for healthcare payers. For payers, the promise of direct consumer information exists online, where there is a plethora of live, traceable, benefit aligned, and relevant consumer data streaming 24/7.

Communication Shakedown: Why Subscription Pricing and SaaS are about to Transform the CCM Market

While other industries are adopting SaaS applications and subscription pricing, the CCM industry is still dominated by expensive on premise installations. This post explores how SaaS and subscription pricing are poised to disrupt the CCM market.

Any Port in a Storm: Navigating Data Transfers after Safe Harbor

A writeup on how does a Cloud Based CCM Solution, compliant with Data Protection laws is the way forward for organisations in the EU and beyond

Why Document Server Matters | Infographics

Document Server is a great way to organize all paper and digital files in a central location, where everyone in the office has an access. Peep into the Capabilities and Advantages of Document Server in this info-graphics explanation.

Multi Tenancy: Solving the Architectural Mysteries

This Blog explains the nerdy concept of Multi-Tenancy in CCM industry, addressing the conceptual complexity with simple analogy of Architecture.

A Fine Balance: Leveraging the Power of SaaS in a Secure Cloud Environment

The write up explains, where should businesses look at when they need both the flexibility of cloud CCM and secure environment.

A Harlequin Romance – Client Satisfaction and Enterprise software solution

How an Account Management Strategy could help in Client retention

Prada, Stilettoes, Coiffed Hair: How to Influence as an Agile Leader

How a leader influences following the Agile management of a Project, has a lot to contribute to the overall productivity of a team which has adopted Agile practices.

Format Follows Function

Do documents evolve? There is a historical record to examine. Not long ago, humans relied on mnemonic device to memorize prose and poetry, and even epic verse. Plume and pen emerged to castigate language into a claustrophobic bondage within the boundaries of the page. The Internet’s vast digital libraries release information, AKA documents, to go out beyond liminal spaces – freed from margins…

What is Business IQ?

Innovative technology evolves on a fast track; yet, paradoxically, productivity is stuck in the slow lane. Tech-innovation bears the fruit of efficiency, giving us plenty of usefully slick new gadgets and a bounty of productivity applications. Meanwhile, U.S. worker productivity sits still. What causes the paradoxical gap?

Customer Correspondence Management Pain Points and Tango+ Rescue | Infographics

Graphical presentation of how a complete SaaS-based modern CCM solution help in addressing the product complexity issue of the legacy Correspondence management system

Digital Signatures: A Virtual Seal of Approval

Global and National Commerce Act was passed in 2000 and since then organizations have adapted Digital signatures to ensure integrity and authenticity of digital documents. Digital signatures have proven valuable for DOCCM service providers by modernizing their correspondence and onboarding.

The Brave New World of Healthcare Correspondence

Since the passing of HIPPA in 1996, and the Affordable Care Act in 2010, organizations have struggled to meet security and compliance requirements as well as deliver CMS regulated correspondence. However, new SaaS CCM solutions incorporate automated audit trail capabilities, allowing organizations for greater accuracy and security.

2015 [APAC] Xerox Premier Partners Conference

Photo Blog. The Elixir team goes to Bangkok to deliver the scoop on the 2015 [APAC] Xerox Premier Partners Conference.

SaaS Customer Correspondence Management (CCMs) offer a Single Source of Truth for Your Content Needs

SaaS CCMs offer organizations a single source of truth for all their content by allowing collaboration from multiple lines of business, use of a single content repository, and ability to scale and customize to an organizations needs.

Cloud CCM versus Legacy – SaaS is the Clear Winner

When CCM software was introduced in the late 1980s, it revolutionized document design and production. Today, the Cloud is transforming CCM in scope, capabilities, and effectiveness.

Is SaaS an Imperative for Medicare Plan Organizations?

SaaS content management solutions help solves Medicare and Medicare Advantage plan payer workflows through centralized content repositories, role-based workflows, and superior version control. Does the future of Medicare communications live in the cloud?

 with Collaboration

Adopting a collaborative workflow process as a corporate standard provides stakeholders with a cohesive management tool, one that gives them control and visibility into a wide range of business processes.

How Approval-Based Workflows Increase Productivity

Getting your documents out to market faster happens when you replace manual methods with approval-based workflows to streamline your processes and ensure accuracy by encouraging collaboration as well as only allowing users with correct permissions access to editable content.

The Uncertain Fate of Health Co-ops:
Kentucky Health Co-Op is The Latest to GO

Recently, Kentucky Health Cooperative announced that it will close its doors, becoming the fifth health co-op to do so far. Are the rest of the co-ops doomed to fail? Here is what we know.

Optimizing Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)-regulated Correspondence

According to a recent Reuter’s survey, some health insurers expect member growth in the 20-100 percent range during open enrollment. Projected growth rates translate to a need for improved internal operations. To remain competitive, streamlining workflows is a top priority.

Is Customer Communications Management (CCM) the New Data Silo?

Traditional Customer Communications Management (CCM) systems that are highly focused on outbound, transactional, documents might be, and a trouble spot for your business. Here are some red flags to watch for.

 Update | 
Round 2

The CMS mandate for a uniform SBC was a technical eye opener for many health plans as they implemented this new document in time for the 2012 deadline. Three important lessons learned.

Multi-Channel Correspondence – Strategy vs Tactic

How and when customers receive information is just as important as the content and purpose of the correspondence.

Traditional Composition vs SaaS | How Do They Compare?

We’re asked that from both Elixir customers considering a move from older Elixir variable data print applications, as well as companies using other legacy software. Here’s what we tell them.

White Paper: Insurers Pre & Post Enrollment Materials Updates – 10 Solvable Workflow Challenges

The processes required to manage annual and monthly updates have many health plans in a continuous revision cycle. Not because of the frequency of the updates, but because of the process itself.

Cloud-Based Correspondence Management Applications – Business Drivers for SaaS

We all use SaaS. Google reported over 425 million Gmail users in 2012. 
Consumer-level adoption of cloud-based services has paved the way for enterprises to seriously consider moving core processes to SaaS.

Smart Apps for Customer Communication – Nominees for Best Candidates

The Smart Process Apps market is projected to grow by 18% CaGR through 2015, reaching $34 billion out-pacing total global software coming in at 11%. Serving unaddressed business needs explains the increase.

Tango SaaS
 for Correspondence
. Cited as a Strong Performer

Elixir announced that their Tango platform received a Strong Performer status in “The Forrester Wave™: Document Output for Customer Communications Management, Q1 2014″.

Smart Apps for Customer Communication – Top Challenges

Read more results from Elixir’s survey on the role Smart Process Apps can play in Customer Communications workflows. Companies weigh in on their top priorities, challenges and concerns.

Summary of Benefits
 and Coverage
 – Top 5 Challenges for SBC

The mandates for a uniform SBC to help consumers better understand their coverage has been a technical eye opener for many health plans and we’ve identified five significant reasons why.

Smart Apps for Customer Communication – Shift in IT Trends

Forrester Research, Inc. introduced the concept of Smart Process Apps in their August 2012 report "Smart Process Applications Fill A Big Business Gap". A new software category focusing on collaborative business processes.

Targeted Communications – What’s Really Stopping Us?

Content or more precisely, the accessibility of content. On the surface everything seems to be in place to deliver personalized customer experiences. Still, most of what we receive is pretty generic. Why?

Smart Apps for Customer Communication – Business Drivers

More and more companies are viewing customer correspondence as a strategic initiative. Based on our survey, speed-to-market and relevant content are key factors that contribute to success and Smart Apps can help.

Elixir Top Ranked in SaaS by Independent Research Firm

Forrester Research, in the “The Forrester Wave™: Document Output for Customer Communications Management, Q3 2011″, positions Tango as Top Ranked in the SaaS current offering category and also as a Strong Performer.