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Imagine being able to create all your SBCs, on-demand, using one Tango+ master template.

Tango+ users can ensure accuracy with the power of unique design-time capabilities, like on-demand proofing, document assembly, and live preview.

Tango+ automates your time-consuming manual processes and lets you focus on integral SME review and approval cycles.

Are you at the mercy of third-party vendors who under-prioritize your SBCs?

Tango+ brings your data and your priorities in-house and gives you full control over who, what, where, when, and how your SBCs are delivered.


The Tango+ SBC Diagnosis

White paper

From the start, the Affordable Care Act triggered a sense of urgency for payers. Tight regulatory deadlines exposed serious deficits in existing methods for producing compliant, user-friendly SBCs.

Some plan payers tried creating SBCs using familiar manual processes and short-term workarounds. Unfortunately, payers could not accommodate the problems of big data using band aid solutions.

New technology that really solves the SBC challenge is not just a beacon on the horizon. By leveraging the power of SaaS, automation, and a single source of truth for plan data, payers can assemble and deliver all of their SBCs quickly, accurately, and reliably.


Industry Check Up

The SBC is an opportunity to get your plans out in front of the pack.

More and more consumers are shopping for plans online and they depend on the SBC to make their choices.

The rules have changed, and the SBC is calling the shots.  If you want to stay in the game, use Tango+ to simplify the work and focus on the road ahead.

Tango+ Treatment

While the ACA levels the playing field, the SBC clears the path. Tango+ is the tool to elevate your SBCs above the competition

Browser Based SaaS Solution

There is no need for a desktop installation; Tango+ requires an Internet connection and a browser – that’s it. Users can log in and perform tasks according to their specified role and permissions on a project. We can handle the hosting, customers provide their data, and the process begins. 

Template Solution: Tango+ is particularly great as a 1 Template – SBC – solution to help solve a pain point for your business. Emphasizing the low overhead and easy implementation capabilities of the software platform, teams and users can log into Tango+ without investing huge amounts of time and money in a traditional document solution.

Professional Services

We at Elixir have a ton of experience with the SBC document and have an extensive team that can handle any issues you as a customer may encounter. Need a ramp up of support because CMS releases a new change? We’ve got you covered, we have been in business for 30 years, and the main reason for that is our customer service.

Experience in Healthcare Space

Our Professional Services team has a depth of knowledge in the Healthcare Space with extensive expertise in creating and supporting solutions for our customers. Elixir has expanded its expertise with our Cloud based SaaS platform, Tango+, specifically for Medicare and Medicaid compliance documents since 2011. Using Tango+ SaaS model, customers are able to take their expensive and time consuming document creation process and replace it with an automated, easy to use, and low cost platform. Tango+ is especially advantageous when a simple change must be made on a SBC compliance document created in high volume batches.


Elixir provides technology and services that help organizations improve communications to their members and customers by streamlining processes and reducing operational costs.

Founded in 1985, we have consistently provided state-of-the-art technology for creating and delivering correspondence. Today we continue that standard with Tango+, a collaborative Cloud-based platform used by business teams to generate customer communications. Tango+ is designed specifically to handle the strict requirements related to the content, data, and documents that highly regulated industries must follow. Healthcare payers, property and casualty insurance, and life and annuities insurance are among the industries we serve.

We are a company of diverse people who value human relationships. Our mission is to improve people’s lives in the way we do business, delivering value to customers through technology.


Customer Data drives the document. Elixir has been successful in implementing this design strategy for creating SBC’s at a large batch volume level. This formula is focused on the idea that: 

Data + Business Rules + Template = SBC document

Long Term Benefit: After the 1st year of implementation the long-term benefits save you money and time by enabling customers to implement CMS and Compliance Changes/updates Quickly

Template: This is used to build the SBC layout. If customers have the Affordable Care Act compliant data, then it’s quick and easy to create the SBC document. The templates and business rules ensure that a customer’s SBC will follow mandated guidelines for compliance. 

Elixir can host and manage the SBC process, and we can create an application in Tango+ that will generate the SBC document with customer data provided by Insurers.


Unicode Compliant: Multiple Language Outputs, Tango+ provides the architecture needed to support the special formatting and character sets for any language.

508 Compliance: Elixir recognizes that producing 508-compliant documents is a top priority for our customers. We provide our clients with all the tools and production methods they need to generate versioned PDF documents that satisfy 508 standards. Tango+, a complete SaaS client communication management system, supports the creation, management, and delivery of 508-compliant documents and content, including benefit booklets, pre and post-enrollment kits, directories, and guides.

HIPPA – Data Security: Tango Cloud production environment is a secure platform, hosted in a HIPPA compliant environment. This is a Tier 3/4 data center. Customer’s local data is protected on premise in the customer’s database, maintaining their HIPPA compliance for PHI.

On Demand Changes

On DemandTime To Market – CMS mandates and changes can be updated and implemented on demand in minutes rather than days or weeks by using the combination of a master template, business rules, and data. 

One Master SBC Template Drives All Variations- One  template generates all the SBC variations needed by your plan. Business rules match versioned content to the template to create an unlimited number of different SBCs. You can rest at ease when CMS releases last minute updates and changes before your deadline. Proofing helps to verify these changes and speeds up the review and approval process that ensures the CMS mandates are implemented. 

SBC Marketing Tool: Customers, using a SBC plan rate calculator or generator, are able to plug in parameters with minimums and maximums to create SBC’s for consumers immediately for Health Exchange. This ability to create an SBC in minutes is a very remarkable competitive advantage that enables customers to actually offer a SBC when other customers are unable to or have to wait days or weeks to create their SBC. 

Customer Retention: The ability to quickly generate SBC’s that are both accurate and flexible to suit customer needs creates reliability for Health Insurers. Insurers can use their reliability to create and brand customer retention in an increasingly competitive market. 

ErrataError Rate – You are quickly able to make and to verify changes and review for new regulations. With a proper approval/review process in place, you can ensure that their documents will be compliant according to government CMS regulations, avoiding enormous fees and constraining auditing penalties. There are huge fines and penalties associated with SBC compliance. Reduce your error rate to 0, as our customers have done using proper review process with Tango. 

Subject Matter Experts (SME): Proofing and review cycles by subject matter experts reduce time to market for SBC plans. Customers can have their SBC readily available for you on the health exchange. Reducing the time to market and making the plan available quickly, allows for potential sales because competitors are still catching up on CMS changes while your SBC plan is already up to date and ready to go.

Data In Tango+

Data Preparation: When it comes to preparing data for the SBC, many organizations have two challengesidentifying source data and mapping the calculations to the SBC template fields. The sources needed for SBC calculations are typically contained in a variety of systems across the organization. As a result, it can be a challenge to identify the location or owner of the particular data required. Once the data is identified, there are business rules and calculations that must be applied before mapping it to the appropriate fields in the SBC template. Without a proper staging process, managing SBC data is at the least a difficult task in the short term – but can become nearly unmanageable in the long term. A flexible data model and a centralized data mapping system is essential to effectively prepare and manage SBC data as plans or CMS requirements change over time.

Push/Pull Data: Tango+ can push or pull the data into the system, giving extreme flexibility to customers. Data is the main driver for the platform, and it can merge multiple data sources and consolidate onto 1 document.

Reusable Content and Versioning – The content management system lets users reuse archived versions of documents. If you need to pull up last year’s version or the version form 5 years ago, it is extremely easy to do. User can quickly take a document and make a few changes to generate a new version. The change can be big or small, depending on the need. Small changes can be made easily on a template and then be implemented on large batch volumes. Large changes can be made on a business rule document that then uses data to create the document with variable data logic.

Data Formats:
CSV, Delimited, XML, Fixed Length, Line Date, Database

Documents Outputs:
PDF, PS, AFP, HTML 5, Interactive HTML

Multiple Output Devices:
Tango supports multiple outputs for documents, and it also allows for output onto multiple devices- pc, laptop, mobile devices, and tablets.

Print and Digital Output:
If you need to print a version and provide an electronic version, not a problem, then Tango+ will allow you to do both simultaneously. Users decide which file type works best for them.

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