White Paper: Insurers Pre & Post Enrollment Materials Updates – 10 Solvable Workflow Challenges

Do the processes for managing annual and monthly updates have your health plans in a continuous revision cycle?

Acquiring information from CMS, other external sources, and internal plan data, and then updating relevant materials often seems like a race against time.

If you’re reading this and work for a health plan, then you already know this is potentially thousands of individual documents; generated in multiple languages; cross-checked for accuracy to present plans accurately.
In “10 Solvable Workflow Challenges for Enrollment Materials,” Elixir Technologies identifies the main culprits when it comes to continuous revision cycles and provides solutions for streamlining your workflows.

After reviewing materials updated annually (ANOC and EOC models), monthly (Formularies and Provider Directories), and periodically, (SBCs), we’ve identified the main challenges to efficient workflows for health plan documents. To ensure a representative example, we compared information collected from three health plan providers. The workflow challenges we identified were nearly identical for all documents. Lack of automation and collaboration caused bottlenecks and manual steps that compromised accuracy and schedules.

“10 Solvable Challenges for Enrollment Materials” details the existing workflows, explains why they exist, and shows step-by-step how Elixir improved the process by as much as 90%.


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