Tango+ is a SaaS platform for variable business correspondence that fully empowers non-technical business users, giving companies a leading edge solution for their customer correspondence management needs.

Tango+ Addresses Key Business Objectives

Accelerate Shift to Line of Business
Business user portals eliminate complex technical interfaces, shaping the user experience in real time to drive the process forward efficiently while making the underlying technology transparent to the user.

Consolidate Technologies, Open to Integration
The Tango+ centralized SaaS platform eliminates the need for expensive installation and maintenance, giving users throughout the enterprise immediate access. By leveraging existing applications, data, centralized content, and other corporate assets, Tango+ also bridges the gap between nonintegrated technologies and data silos.

Eliminate Complexity
Assign and track tasks throughout the content life cycle; use process resources such as business rules to automatically handle each step; and call sub-workflows to manage common procedures.

Flexibility of SaaS Platform
Tango+ scales to individual business needs, from simple print correspondence to complex omni-channel output involving hundreds of users and millions of customers. Generate personalized content optimized for your customers’ devices.

The use cases are virtually unlimited.