How Approval-Based Workflows Increase Productivity

We all understand the stress of trying to finish a project on time. Without proper workflows in place, there is no way to guarantee your team received e-mails or if they are working on the newest versions of documents. In short there is no way to ensure completion when the deadline approaches. The likelihood for an excess of wasted time and expensive print runs becomes greater. Elixir’s Tango+ solves these problems with efficient approval-based workflows.

In April of this year, Elixir introduced Tango+, their new SaaS content management platform. While Tango+ is extremely useful to technical users, it is also accessible to business users who, like most of us, are not gifted with high-grade IT skills. The secret to Tango’s accessibility is the user interface and its seamless workflow integration.

No stranger to the content management arena, Elixir previously released its Opus platform—the first legacy solution to feature a revolutionary visual interface. With Tango’s SaaS platform, Elixir introduces the next generation of content management technology, addressing the integral shortcomings of mainframe legacy systems, including Opus. For example, Opus lacks solid version management capabilities. Without masters and versions, keeping track of document variations and sorting data can feel like being caught up in a technological tornado. Although Opus is a flexible platform, its lack of version control means it has no internal system to identify, trace, or audit errors. Tango+ solves this challenge with custom and highly-configurable approval-based workflows and pre-production on-demand proofing.

In Opus, document proofing is limited to the design level. Tango+ offers users on-demand proofing during design time, as well as a live preview mode throughout the entire lifecycle of documents. Users can also proof individual pieces of reusable content, either independently or when the assets are added to documents. With its live preview and real-time proofing capabilities, Tango+ solves one of the main pain points facing Opus users. Because Opus lacks an integrated on-demand review process, users spend more time on proofing, which increases time to market. The resulting gap translates into a critical advantage for faster competitors.

Tango+ approval-based workflows allow multiple users (with the proper access and authority) to proof documents in real-time, as they make their way through design and pre-production environments.  Meanwhile, on-demand content-level proofing ensures that each piece of content, image or text, on any document, has already been proofed by subject-matter-experts long before business users get their hands on it. Tango+ workflows are also highly adaptable to specific documents, projects, or tasks, and easily configure to the size and resources of a business.  Because Tango+ is completely browser-based, the approval workflow aligns to access and login credentials as well.  Multiple stakeholders can collaborate and stay in line with the rules of the game, ensuring that only authorized players edit preapproved content while preventing people from editing content that is off limits. We can all imagine the relief and calm that would come in a world where Tango+ is the norm.

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