Tango+ powered CMS applications generate compliant healthcare
plan materials and include scalable Elixir service to design
adaptive processes that drive healthcare payer initiatives to bring business online and differentiate.


Elixir gives payers custom services to help identify and bridge gaps in member services with continuously responsive process and workflow design.

Tango+ SaaS CCM technology reaches out through member portals, call centers, and drives on-demand fulfillment, so field agents and sales teams can share the right materials, and touch prospective members at the right time, through mobile and connected devices.

Role-based configuration gives payers control over their data, content, processes, and technology; this translates into measurable security and maps onto regulatory compliance and industry standards for operational simplification.

Process data is always masked for design-time and staging, encrypted in transit, and purged from Tango+ using automated functions immediately after the output has been generated.

Payers need one source for content, SME cycles, versions, change management, and variable data that integrates with core systems, neighboring applications, input/output sources, print and mail vendors, and delivery channels on all sides.

Member and account service representatives log in through a browser using multi-level verified access credentials, from any connected device, to manage their work in real time.

Secure collaboration in real time drives productivity and operational excellence throughout the organization.

Administrators can configure every element of user access.  Access is easily configured to synchronize an individual (or designation) in a workflow with the right data and content, processes, and technology they need.

Elixir CMS document applications are aligned to users and roles in the workflow using pre-defined hotspots and automated data masking, so design-time and SME cycles are safe and compliant for generating highly regulated plan and member materials.

The Tango+ interface is universally simple and adaptive.  Ease of use frees users from extraneous features, functions, and content, for the focus they need to stay on task.

Some payers want lightweight single-app deployments aligned to specific tasks. Tango+ is deployable on a single-app server, in the cloud, with no maintenance and zero added hardware.

Tango+ portal architecture is made to live in the cloud, whether on-premise in a data center and delivered via internal IT infrastructure, or in a third party hosting environment.  Tango+ high availability delivers 24/7 up-time and peak performance, whether deployed using a single app server or a multi-tenant model.

Elixir dedicated Tango+ to improve employee engagement experience and productivity inside the highly regulated organizations we consider our partners.

Elixir’s SaaS CCM platform connects the right people, processes, and technology, on-demand, enabling truly secure collaboration and scalar digital transformation that adjusts fluidly to payers’ specific business needs and capacity to change

Security is embedded in native Tango+ workflows.  System-wide live tracking, reports, and a complete audit trail of access and activity are available on-demand. Integrated archival and storage capacities and a unified digital content repository add business value to security and regulatory compliance measures.

Tango+ secure portals are customized to optimize for speed, accuracy, and to transform processes and help payers differentiate themselves online.

Uniquely flexible configuration restricts and grants access to the right users at the right time, to map onto internal security measures and compliance regulations.

Native workflows ensure and track secure collaboration across (and beyond) the organization.

Compliance is a crucial measure of security; Elixir security measures exceed industry specific compliance standards.

Elixir offers scalable security solutions to help payers comply with industry standards, including PCI DSS, HITRUST, HIPAA, & SSAE 16/SOC 2.

Elixir extends scalable security into Tango+ cloud environments, with micro-segmentation, for horizontal and vertical protection.  Tango+ cloud environments have deep infrastructure security with role-based/ID-based access control to minimize configuration errors that can leave applications open to unauthorized users.

We offer seamless data center to cloud security that can mirror your on-premise security, with packet-level security integration with the environment.

Elixir ground control extends decades of unmatched service and industry experience into the cloud, with 24/7 global technical support.

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Elixir has over 30 years experience in producing document solutions for highly regulated industries, including Healthcare. We help our customers with workflows and approvals to lower the risk of error and CMS errata related fines.  Tango+, Our SaaS Based Business Experience Platform (BXP), enables your organization to manage its client communications faster, increasing your speed to market, and empowering Business Users.

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