Elixir Document Server | Archive and Web Presentment


Elixir Document Server provides a fast and efficient way to archive and retrieve documents and specific content within.
It Searches on,

  • Metadata
  • Full text

Built on industry standards to allow for easy integration with third party applications.

  • CMIS
  • JSR-168 and JSR-170
  • REST
  • Web Services

EDS supports all image formats with transformation between many, including:

  • Flash
  • Microsoft Office files
  • PDF and Print streams

With Elixir Document Server it’s simple to Initiate processes based on business rules associated with events like,

  • File ingestion and conversions
  • Delivery to other applications

Role-based security and user management for individuals and groups.

  • Permission control at each activity level
  • Dynamic access to repositories
  • Supports single sign-on through NTLM or LDAP
  • Tracks processes for reporting and audit trails

This functionality is used to create specific retention processes for all or individual archive stores.

  • Automated procedures for retaining required documents and destroying expired documents
  • Process optimization and automation reduce risks and costs associated with manual document retention

EDS monitors and records all the activities and processes associated with the repository,

  • Tracking protocols to be followed
  • Record User and System actions
  • Data visibility supports compliance reporting requirements
  • Group Multiple Audit Logs together for fast access to broad views and reports
  • Allows XML and text based report generation

Elixir has over 30 years of experience in producing document solutions for highly regulated industries, including Insurance. We help our customers lower the risk of errors and improve efficiency.

Tango+, our SaaS Based Business Experience Platform (BXP), enables your organization to better manage your customer communications, increase your speed to market, and empower Business Users.

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