Elixir’s Tango+ SaaS solution for Financial Services includes all of the tools you need to increase digital customer engagements, speed your time to market, and rapidly adapt to regulatory changes, greatly reducing compliance risk.


Industry Problems

Customer expectations are high everywhere, particularly in financial services. Customers expect clear, personalized information delivered in their preferred channels and formats. Brand loyalty is also at an all-time low and the ability to on-board customers as fast as possible can be the key to growth. Statements, confirmations, billing, remittance and correspondence are all transforming rapidly in terms of their format, function and delivery channels. You need a flexible communications tool that can meet those expectations and deliver the digital experience your customers demand.

Your customers expect you to be out in front of their needs, offering new products, services and advice faster than ever. Bringing new financial products and offerings to market involves strong cross-functional collaboration, workflows that drive efficiency and accuracy, and a set of tools designed for the people who make it all happen.

Many Financial Services organizations today are stuck with cumbersome legacy processes for their communications, which impede on their progress. As a result of this, there is a lack of collaboration and even small changes require the help of an expensive and overworked IT department.

Financial Services firms face a significant regulatory burden, which includes their customer communications regarding product and offering disclosure statements, updates, and disclosure notices.  The challenge of meeting regulatory requirements while using manual processes and legacy document generation solutions is a primary reason that most compliance violations are linked to incorrect or incomplete customer communication


Tango+ features advanced omni-channel capabilities that allow you to deliver your communications directly to your customers in their preferred channels. Tango+ uses your customer data and business rules to make certain that your customer communications are accurate.

More than just a SaaS-delivered document composition solution, Tango+ is an enterprise content lifecycle solution with collaborative and role-specific tools that enable financial services organizations to develop and deliver compelling, compliant products and communications quickly. Providing interfaces for roles across the entire organization, and even for your partners and customers, Tango+ offers a set of tools far beyond the traditional offerings of today’s CCM software market.

Tango+ comes equipped with an intuitive business user interface (BUI), which offers defined roles for including or excluding content based on different geographic jurisdictions and effective dates of compliant rules and regulations. Creating and approving content and making it available after a regulation has passed is simpler than ever.

The BUI allows your business users to make changes to content & templates and to apply document logic changes themselves, easing the burden on your IT resources. The Tango+ SaaS deployment and secure portal framework ensure that no matter how spread out your organization is, key players and SME’s are still a part of the process.

Tango+ offers a single repository for all your content, data and document logic. Reusing approved content ensures accurate communications.

Tango+ is a SaaS solution delivered on world-class, highly scalable, reliable and secure cloud infrastructure. Using Tango+ means that you can immediately deploy applications that are compliant with PCI and other financial industry security standards, without the high cost of owning such powerful and secure environments.

Replacing your core systems can be an expensive and time consuming process. Tango+ is an open-standards solution that can integrate with your legacy core and operational systems through a wide array of technologies.

Tango+ features true SaaS scalability & elasticity. Tango+ offers powerful and affordable scalability features that ensure your organization can grow over time. Tango+ is able to scale up and down to meet your business needs, and ensure that you are only paying for the capacity you need when you need it.

Elixir has over 30 years of experience in producing document solutions for highly regulated industries, including Health, Property, Casualty and Life Insurance. We help our customers lower the risk of errors and improve efficiency.

Tango+, our SaaS Based Business Experience Platform (BXP), enables your organization to better manage your customer communications, increase your speed to market, and empower Business Users.

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