Telecom in Egypt Speeds Statement Processing by 80%

This telecommunications company in Egypt has a fixed-line subscriber base in excess of 12 million subscribers, making it the largest fixed-line provider in the Middle East and Africa. The company also offers broadband internet and IPTV services, enterprise-managed internet access, managed network services, in addition to outsourcing information and communication technologies services.

Egypt’s largest telecommunications company had grown to six corporate operational facilities—including Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria—each maintaining a large quantity of customer data used to produce billing statements. Each facility printed monthly statements from customer data and shipped to a central location for mail processing. Centralizing the print production was not an option. To be cost effective, the company needed better methods for data access, production management, and reporting.

With the Elixir solution, customer data can reside at multiple locations and be used to produce any customer document. The print process is streamlined to remove bottlenecks and fully capitalize on printer capabilities.

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Turnaround Time Reduced 80%
Data access is enabled from any location with no change for data storage location; production can be split across different facilities and still maintain the association to the single data file. Statements are produced within a 5-hour window, down from the previous 24-hour timeframe.

Eliminated Manual Pre-Sorting & Audits
Print files are automatically pre-sorted for mail preparation and postal discounts. Production runs are reconciled automatically regardless of how many facilities produced the statements.  Exception reports indicate any print errors or missing statements and reprints can be held or routed automatically to print based on the customer’s business rules.

Scalability Beyond Volumes
The company meets statement production easily as the customer base grows, with the added benefit that one Elixir platform can generate all types of customer correspondence.