The Bradford Group
World’s Largest Marketer of Fine Collectibles
Improves Correspondence Campaign Time-to-Market by 90%


The Bradford Group, founded in 1973, originally dedicated itself to collectible plates, a highly focused, niche market. Turn the clock forward a decade or two, and we see that Bradford is one of the largest, and most successful, global brokers, that offers consumers a variety of unique limited-edition collectibles and fine art.

Bradford markets its products under 16 brands, including The Bradford Exchange, Ashton-Drake Galleries, Hamilton Collection, Hawthorne Village, and the Bradford Exchange Mint.

Superior brand management and customer experience are key factors to Bradford’s success. The company closely tracks customers’ associations with its brands, using purchase history data to build loyalty and to cross-sell.

Bradford applies profile data to carefully plan promotions that invite customers to purchase an item in an existing collection, or to introduce a new series or brand. Bradford wanted to capitalize on their proven marketing strategies, focusing equally on on-line and off-line market channels.

The goal of improving the effectiveness of all their customer correspondence gave Bradford the opportunity to go beyond simply replacing existing hardware and software. Instead, they decided to take a strategic approach to customer communications and rearchitected their correspondence processes from the ground up.

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75% Reduction in Correspondence Campaign Setup
Elixir’s custom-developed business user interface allows marketing and other non-technical teams to manage the rules that determine the correspondence content and which promotional/informational inserts each customer receives. Tango’s capabilities enable Bradford to expand how they use customer data and metrics and build a sophisticated hierarchy of business rules to manage the setup process. The process is managed by the Marketing group who has built over 1,000 business rule ‘profiles’ associated with invoice creation to date. This output represents a reduction of approximately 75% of the business rule setups that existed in the legacy system while recognizing significant improvements in processing time.

Tango Dynamic Formatting Eliminates Pre-Print and Storage
Tango formats the entire document including logo, brand messaging, and all the content in one process using conditional logic that generates all 16 brand variations. Tango composes the print files overnight in a ‘fully-automated’ model and transmits the print-ready PDF file to an outside print provider. Bradford receives their printed invoices – folded and inserted into outer envelopes along with specific inserts – by 7:00 am the following morning, where they are attached to the product package for shipment to the customer. The same Tango design can be formatted for any print device, giving Bradford the flexibility to have documents printed at any vendor.

Hours versus Days
Tango’s browser-based, visual design interface has provided IT with a modern layout environment. Designs that previously took days to create and proof can be done in hours. Tango generates proofs instantly in PDF and automates the approval process. Faster turnaround has allowed the brand marketing teams to completely review and rewrite all their customer correspondence, bringing it up to their desired standards.

Working with Elixir, Bradford is primed to expand on their long tradition of successful marketing and correspondence communication strategies. Whether customers prefer print or digital communication, Bradford can grow its customer base with expanded sales by dynamically producing the most effective content.

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