E-statements Provide 20% Postage Savings For Middle Eastern Bank

A Middle Eastern Bank with customers in over 50% of UAE households wanted to improve their customer communications, improve operational efficiency and reduce their growing postage costs.


  • Customers want to receive account information and alerts electronically
  • Bank lacked sorting capability to take advantage of postal service discounts

The bank selected Elixir Technologies software so they could offer their customers a choice for receiving statements.

  • Multi-Channel Delivery System: Statements can be delivered via print, email, fax
  • E-mail and SMS notification System: Customer receive account change alerts automatically
  • E statement Application: Streamline registration possible via LDAP integration with customer account logins, made accessible with help desk representatives and customers.
  • High Powered Document Management System: Sort and split records based on postal codes.


  • Customized tools increase help desk efficiency enabling faster response times when working with customers. Reduced loss or delay of revenue by ensuring reliable e-delivery of business critical documents. Status tracking provides proof of email delivery.
  • A consolidated interface for e-delivery, print, fax, file, and SMS.
  • Reduced operating costs and increased customer satisfaction via automated support features.
  • Operational accuracy ensured via event notifications, audit trails and production reports.