SaaS Customer Correspondence Management (CCMs) offer a Single Source of Truth for Your Content Needs

Since the advent of Customer Correspondence Management (CCM) platforms in the late 1980’s, organizations have struggled to keep a valid, single source of truth for all their content. This has not been easy, due to the limitations of legacy technology. Legacy CCMs create barriers to the foundation of a single source of truth, through their inability to promote collaboration between different lines of business, on-premise software installations that literally store content and data in multiple locations, and their lack of overall customization. However, with the advent of SaaS CCM solutions, the quest for organizations to maintain a single source of truth is much easier.

When Legacy CCMs first appeared, they were a boon for organizations. The ability to use a graphical user interface (GUI), to combine variable data with pre-approved content, enabled organizations to generate correspondence at much higher volumes. Over time, legacy systems began to show their disadvantages, especially in organizations that needed collaboration across different lines of business in order to produce their correspondence. Since legacy software has to be installed locally, this meant that content ended up being managed in different locations as well, leading to inaccuracies and as a result, wasted time and money.

Legacy CCMs also create data siloes by their inability to scale. The majority of legacy CCMs were intended for print but in todays shifting, multi-media climate, where omni-channel delivery has become more and more necessary, organizations are finding themselves forced to create manual workarounds or integrate multiple systems to deliver their correspondence to the appropriate channels, such as e-mail and mobile. When content resides on different databases, ensuring that the valid version is used, requires detection worthy of Sherlock Holmes.

This is why the new generation of Customer Correspondence Management (CCM) systems are SaaS based. Since no local install is required, the accessibility of the platform to various lines-of-business is greatly improved from that of legacy systems, allowing for increased collaboration and a faster time-to-market. SaaS eliminates the need to spread your content across multiple databases and a single source of truth for all your content can now be accomplished.

Currently SaaS CCM offerings are small, and some only offer a makeshift, “cloudified” solution to implement SaaS into their pre-existing systems. However, there are emerging SaaS  CCM solutions built entirely from the ground up, such as Elixir Technologies’ Tango+ platform.

For more information on the Benefits of SaaS CCMs as compared to legacy systems, feel free to download our White Paper “Cloud CCM versus Legacy Applications: Why SaaS is the Clear Winner.”

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