The importance of timely and accurate customer correspondence is at an all-time high and deploying applications as quickly as they’re needed is becoming more and more of a challenge. On-time delivery of the right content can mean the difference between keeping or losing valuable customers or meeting regulatory requirements. At the same time, the resources needed to make this happen must be carefully managed and allocated to ensure your return on investment.

At Elixir we have been developing and supporting software platforms for document and content lifecycle management for healthcare, insurance and financial organizations for decades. Using Tango as the underlying technology, Elixir configures and customizes the applications that companies need in time for their most important business initiatives.

Beyond implementation and customization, Elixir’s managed service capabilities mean that you can rely on us to host, manage, and even operate your cloud-based solution in a way that best matches with your own strategies. Our world-class infrastructure and services professionals are available to support you from implementation through ongoing operation.

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Elixir develops and hosts correspondence applications configured specifically to a company’s business requirements. We support a number of deployment approaches, ranging from on-site internal cloud deployment all the way to offsite, private cloud SaaS delivery. Our application hosting capabilities allow our customers to easily integrate user rights and identity management, single sign-on, and other key enterprise touch points with our secure, compliant, and highly available SaaS infrastructure. Tango’s self-service capabilities give our customers the choice of managing and further customizing their own applications, or having Elixir manage and maintain their applications.

  • Hosting in a secure, PCI and HIPAA-compliant environment
  • Ongoing application management and maintenance


Elixir can step in and provide an additional layer of resources for customers who have periodic increases in their application development and customization workload. Using Tango, our team can quickly customize and extend the platform to meet the unique needs of your project or business. This gives you the option to staff internally based on your typical development demands yet respond quickly to larger projects as they occur.

Elixir can also serve as a company’s primary application development arm providing a cost-saving alternative to onsite application development and customization of Tango. This is a good alternative for companies that want to keep all correspondence-related application development centralized with one team and may opt to focus their internal IT teams on other projects.


New customers often need short-term support to develop their first set of applications, build optimized content and templates, or simply to meet important business deadlines. We can help companies get their new correspondence applications into production fast – without the need to hire additional staff.

Our teams can build your first few applications and effectively hand them over to your organization to maintain. This provides a valuable ‘hands on’ training experience for your team and ensures a successful transition.

Our teams can also provide ongoing support in a complete staff outsourcing model that allows your business to focus on your core competencies, while the Elixir team manages your Tango customer communication solution. Elixir’s experienced services staff can be a valuable addition to your business, enabling a faster time to market, better control and risk management, and most importantly – better customer communications for your members.


Elixir provides a variety of services to support AFP and Xerox print production and the resources these environments use including forms, fonts, images/graphics.

  • Conversions between AFP and Xerox resources
  • Conversion from AFP and Xerox to Adobe, Elixir, Microsoft, PCL and Quark formats
  • Conversions for legacy printstreams to XML, CSV, or indexed PDF
  • Design services for form/document layout using Elixir DesignPro Tools
  • Design services for variable data document design using Elixir Opus
  • Application design and editing for Visual PPFA


Elixir’s experienced trainers conduct standard and customized training classes designed to meet your educational needs. We can deliver training in the following ways:

Onsite | Instructor Led
These classes are typically hosted at the customer’s facility with all participants attending onsite.

Online | Self-paced Study
These programs allow students to work at their own pace to complete basic training with minimal instructor interaction. There are periodic online sessions during the course of these programs to introduce workshops and answer questions.

Online | Instructor Led
This instructor-led training is conducted via the web over a series of several days. Students attend online sessions in segments lasting approximately two hours allowing them to incorporate class time with their day-to-day work.


We provide professional services and training for the following Elixir software products:

  • Tango
  • DesignPro Tools for AFP / Visual PPFA
  • DesignPro Tools for Xerox
  • Opus
  • Transformation Suite

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