Smart Apps for Customer Communication – Business Drivers

Smart Apps is category of software applications focused on collaborative business activities and processes. Customer Communications are among the target application types in this group so we conducted a survey focused on the role Smart Apps are playing in this area.

Our post titled “Smart Apps for Customer Communication – Shift in IT Trends” will provide context for this post.

The survey collected information in five categories:
– Shift in IT Trends
– Challenges Related to Customer Communications
– Business Drivers to Improve Customer Communications
– Best Business Processes for Smart Apps
– Pricing Models for Smart Apps

The results of the Business Drivers related to implementing new systems for customer communications is illustrated in the chart below. We will post the results of the remaining categories in future blogs.

smart apps for customer communication

Providing correspondence via web, mobile, as well as print.

Business Needs Control
Line-of business needs ownership of the process and interaction with customers; reduced reliance on IT.

Effectiveness of Communication
Need more targeted content and personalization.

Speed to Market
Need to manage content in real time to stay competitive and comply with regulatory policies.

Elixir’s Take on Business Drivers
Technology decisions continue to move to the strategic business level. Using multi channel as the example, companies are considering how to implement new delivery methods based on business needs rather than stopping short at adding the technical capabilities. We’re seeing companies looking to manage the entire process dynamically using business rules to determine the method and content of each correspondence based on customer preference and behaviors. The right mix of print, web, and mobile apps for customer communication is different in each case.

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