Smart Apps for Customer Communication – Nominees for Best Candidates

This segment is growing nearly twice as fast because of the ability to address critical but previously unaddressed business needs.

Smart Apps is category of software applications focused on collaborative business activities and processes. Customer Communications are among the target application types in this group so we conducted a survey focused on the role Smart Apps are playing in this area.

The survey collected information in five categories:
– Shift in IT Trends
– Challenges Related to Customer Communications
– Business Drivers to Improve Customer Communications
– Best Business Processes for Smart Apps
– Pricing Models for Smart Apps

We asked the audience to rate the business areas that would benefit their companies most from Smart Process Apps.

Smart Apps for customer communication


Customer Retention
Boosting customer loyalty was the most important area

Customer Acquisition
Sales and marketing applications rated just under retention

Product Service & Delivery
Improving and automating processes related to product fulfillment

Communications related to the formal steps to securing business

Legal Correspondence
Communications containing regulatory or other content required by company policy or outside agencies

Elixir’s Take on Best Candidates
The clear message was the importance of supporting activities that improve the complete customer experience − not just a single touchpoint. Marketing to potential buyers, onboarding new customers, and supporting existing ones is typically done from a variety of systems however Smart Apps have the ability to support and even integrate activities related to all these areas. These apps can manage numerous unstructured content types such as marketing materials, welcome kits, and contracts, and perhaps even more important, the discrete content elements that make up those communications. Centralizing these resources provides the foundation to create correspondence for any purpose, assembled using all available company content assets, and optimized for distribution to any channel or device.

Our post titled “Smart Apps for Customer Communication – Shift in IT Trends” will provide context for this post.

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