Smart Apps for Customer Communication – Shift in IT Trends

Customer Communications is among the target application types in this new group so we decided to conduct a survey to learn more about the role Smart Process Apps can play to help companies improve these workflows.

The survey collected information in five categories:
– Shift in IT Trends

– Challenges Related to Customer Communications
– Business Drivers to Improve Customer Communications
– Best Business Processes for Smart Apps
– Pricing Models for Smart Apps

The results of the Shift in IT Trends category are illustrated in the chart below. We will post the results of the remaining categories in future blogs.

smart apps for customer communication

Serving Lines of Business
Over half reported that IT is now tasked to support the objectives of individual lines-of-business in addition to their conventional role of enterprise-wide technology recommendations and decisions.

New Decision Teams Forming
IT and line-of-business management working together from the start to establish criteria and success metrics.

SaaS Takes Hold
Close to 20 percent say that their companies are using externally hosted applications.

Elixir’s Take on IT Trends and Why Smart Process Apps Fit
Smart Apps give IT the capability to configure a solution specifically to business requirements and bring it online relatively fast because there is minimal impact to the rest of the organization. Apps can run in a SaaS model or on-premise giving customers the flexibility to host apps using the best method for each business process.

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