Smart Apps for Customer Communication – Top Challenges

Our blog titled “Smart Apps for Customer Communication – Shift in IT Trends” will provide some background and context for this post.

In our survey we asked how these five areas are influencing decision making when analyzing technology platforms for customer correspondence.

– Shift in IT Trends
– Challenges Related to Customer Communications
– Business Drivers to Improve Customer Communications
– Best Business Processes for Smart Apps
– Pricing Models for Smart Apps

The results of the Challenges Related to Customer Communications category is illustrated in the chart below. We will post the results of the remaining categories in future blogs.

smart apps for customer communication

Scope Creep
Initiatives to improve or bring in new technology are too broad, take too long to deploy, and too costly.

Inconsistent Customer Experience
Lack of uniformity across the various types of correspondence that customers see/receive in print and digitally including mobile and web.

Valuable Content Locked Away
Cannot share/re-use company approved text, data, business rules, graphics, and other resources across different types of correspondence.

Elixir’s Take on Smart Apps Bridging Gaps
Tackling scope creep is a strong argument for Smart Apps. Cost justification is kept ‘in check’ by being tied to a specific business-process rather than the need to prove ROI for a large number of communications projects across multiple business units.

Companies are starting to address content silos through master data management (MDM) initiatives focused on creating the “single source of truth” from multiple data sources. But MDM projects have proven slow to show progress because of their enterprise-wide scope which delays the availability of valuable content for customer communications. Solving the content challenges for a single business process is more manageable.

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