Tango+ is a SaaS Business Experience Platform (BXP) that creates variable business correspondence by extending design, management, and publishing capabilities across your organization. You can access the Tango+ portal framework from any browser-capable mobile or desktop device. Tango+ can be configured for on premise and hosted cloud deployments, providing scalability, reliability, and high performance.

How Tango+ Portals Work

A Tango+ portal is a dynamic interface that supports all workflow activities for creating and managing variable enterprise correspondence. Tango portals present functionality in a business context that doesn’t require complex technical toolsets, to allow any user to easily manage even deep vertical levels of functionality.

Tango+ portals are role-specific. Depending on their assigned roles, users obtain the required permissions and configurations to perform specific tasks associated with a particular workflow. Although you can assign a role to an individual user, roles are not linked to specific individuals. Instead, they are re-usable objects that configure the portal in real time, giving users the functionality they need on a case-by-case basis.

Portals shape the user’s experience by making Tango+ underlying technology transparent and managing a productive, efficient workflow through business rules.

A single portal can handle any combination of Tango+ features, allowing users to design, configure, and manage communications based on their specific needs.


Management functionality includes features for authoring content, assembling templates, routing proofs for approval, and releasing content to production and other channels for delivery.


Management features combine the existing elements of a correspondence application and move them through the workflow using business rules. A Tango+ portal configured to include management features is ideal for users who:

  • Author, edit, and manage content versions
  • Manage user permissions related to a workflow, an application template, or individual content element
  • Assemble correspondence into  final format for proofing
  • Initiate approvals
  • Release correspondence for delivery
  • Access centralized content, including templates, text, graphics, business rules, and workflows
  • View status reports


You can configure Tango+ to perform a wide range of tasks, from overall workflow management to the discrete processes associated with specific phases of the content life cycle. Configuration features allow users to:

  • Approve workflows
  • Grant user permissions
  • Assign business rules to drive and automate processes


Tango+ combines a configurable system with a visual user experience that makes managing and designing workflows accessible and intuitive. Users can create workflows using a simple drag-and-drop process. Tango+ also automates procedures for approving projects, assigning roles, and defining delivery channels. A Tango+ portal that includes configuration features is ideal for users who have administrative responsibilities. Administrative users can:

  • Create workflows
  • Set business rules
  • Define automated processes
  • Establish roles and permissions
  • Provision users and domains
  • Manage access and security settings
  • Create hierarchies and rules for content storage and access
  • Design reports


Most content management solutions focus on creating discrete documents and forms. What makes Tango+ so revolutionary is the ability to design application templates capable of generating thousands of documents from a single source. With Tango+, users can design document types using a comprehensive set of development features. Each development feature is an individual object that can be separated and re-used to create other application templates.


Users create Tango+ application templates using expert-level design, content, data, and logic tools. After testing the application template, authorized users release it into the workflow. The template’s management features allow users to edit and release correspondence directly to customers and production.

From drag and drop tools for design and testing, to deep-level data and content input, transformation, and output capabilities, Tango+ design features give power users everything they need to create extendable and reusable content, run production jobs, and deliver output across every channel, including print, e-mail, web, mobile, SMS, and archives. A user’s Tango+ Portal will include access to design features if the user needs to develop, configure, or manage any element of the core application prior to release:

  • Application template design
  • Application logic
  • Content management
  • Data processing
  • Production workflows
  • Archival processes

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