Consolidates Entire Workflow | One Platform
Tango manages all the activities required to create and deliver variable enterprise correspondence, from e-channel communications to complex multi-page printed documents. Tango’s management features support the on-going process of authoring content, assembling content into templates, and routing approvals. Design functionality serves the development side for template layouts, application logic, and data processing, while configuration options span the platform to manage users and roles and define workflows.

Subscription Flexibility | Always Aligned with Business Needs.
Pay only for what you use. License a single document application, a set of documents for a specific line of business, or the entire Tango platform.

Configured for Your Business | Hosted. On premise. Hybrid.
Configure Tango to meet your needs, always with the benefits of the Cloud.

Zero Software | Zero Disruption
Tango is deployed 100% from the Cloud. Access is centrally managed, permissions take effect immediately, and upgrades and maintenance are transparent to the user.

Rules Drive Everything| Effective Immediately.
Customers tightly control every aspect of Tango. Tango’s business rules allow you to set user permissions, kick off automated processes, associate templates with the right content, and deliver content across channels.

Global Assets | Create Once and Reuse
By centralizing content, Tango supports a ‘create once and use everywhere’ approach for text, graphics, process objects, and entire workflows.  Anything can be repurposed. Business rules drive precisely how users employ each piece of content, ensuring secure workflows that comply with industry standards and government regulations.

Future Proof | Based on Standards
Elixir developed Tango with a firm commitment to open standards. facilitates  and  Unleash the power of the internet ecosystem using Tango’s integrated content life cycle management solution!

Leverage | Elixir Team. Elixir Services.
Accelerate time to market and reduce operational costs. Our Professional Services team provides a suite of software and services. We can design your applications and host them in a secure HIPAA-compliant facility.

Efficiency | Broad Participation
Tango presents activities to users in a business context, eliminating the need for complex technical toolsets.  , Now even basic users can manage deep vertical levels of functionality.

Automation | Event-Based Workflows.
Tango workflows are interactive. Users employ dynamic conditions to initiate automated processes and add people or tasks into the workflow.

Always the Right Version | Always Delivered On Time.
Business rules drive where and how you use each piece of content.  Version control and metadata match standards-aligned content to templates to generate documents that comply with industry, state, and federal requirements. Automated features eliminate manual tasks for on-schedule delivery.

Configurable | To Your Business
Tango is fully configurable across the entire platform, allowing authorized users to easily manage all aspects of a workflow. Configure administrative features to control access, roles, domains, and security. Customize management features to support the overall workflow as well as task-specific operations (such as applying rules to edit specific content within a document). Adjust system features to link Tango to the company applications, data, and processes required to assemble and produce correspondence.

Complex Workflows | Supported Easily
Tango provides a wide range of functionality that allows users to manage everything from broad workflow activities to discrete processes. You can launch a Tango workflow dynamically, using an event such as a user action or business rule, or you can start the process directly. Tango’s version control and change management features enable powerful process-oriented control of your business content from start to finish.

Proactively | Keep Customers Informed.
Your customers rely on accurate, relevant, and timely information to understand and use your products and services.  Using centralized reusable content, templates, and business rules, Elixir can help you generate even the most complex correspondence with precision and speed.

Interactively | Listen to Customers.
Today’s omni-channel communication model allows customers to have a two-way interaction with your organization. Discover how you can store new information provided by customers in a content repository and generate future communications on demand.

Across Channels | Dynamic and Consistent Experience.
Customers now expect information to be available regardless of location. Elixir’s dynamic business rules allow users to prepare centralized content for use anytime, anywhere. Our products provide a consistent experience across all channels and devices.

Elixir Named as a Strong Performer | Independent Research Firm DOCCM Report
“[Elixir has] taken a bold SaaS direction and may pave the way for others to follow. Elixir’s Tango targets emerging SaaS DOCCM applications. The technology will enable a user to build the front- and back-end end business processes that support distributed teams via mobile technology to engage with the consumer and deliver interactive communications.”

The Forrester Wave™: Document Output for Customer Communications Management, Q1 2014 

Leader in SaaS | Leader in Experience
Elixir was the first technology company to introduce a complete SaaS solution for correspondence design, launching the Tango platform in 2009.  Founded in 1985, we have arguably served this industry longer than any other vendor, and have a comprehensive understanding of both the business and technical needs associated with correspondence design and management and SaaS delivery.

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