The Brave New World of Healthcare Correspondence

The passage of HIPAA in 1996 introduced seismic changes to the way healthcare providers do business. With the new emphasis on the portability of medical records, covered entities scrambled to meet HIPAA’s security and privacy requirements and to avoid the possible criminal and civil penalties that come from non-compliance.

Twenty years after the passing of HIPAA, changes in healthcare technology have transformed the way healthcare payers handle protected health information (PHI). These changes as well as the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have increased the demands for healthcare organizations to produce compliant correspondences, such as the the SBC, ANOC, or EOC documents. The challenge of producing these documents has never been greater. However, by leveraging the power of SaaS to promote heightened data security, organizations can more easily implement security features then ever before.

This white paper describes the importance of compliance and security for CCM solutions and how the new wave of SaaS CCM solutions address these challenges.

For more information download our White Paper.

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