Customer communication is a business process that goes on continually between a business and its customers, every day and every way people do business.  

Elixir Tango is a SaaS Platform, with Expert Consultancy & Design by Elixir. 

Elixir solves challenges that arise from legacy systems and mindsets, silos of information and function, IT intervention, dependence on external parties, and manual work practices.

Elixir’s Consultancy designs strategic customer communication solutions that provide information in context across the lifecycle of content, from creation and editorial cycles to customer service and self-service touch-points, for new and traditional engagement channels.


We design intuitive products and experiences and inspire our people to make customers and partners successful.

Elixir Culture

A Platform That Adapts To Your Needs And Knowledge And Allows You To Grow

Elixir Tango supports everyone involved in the lifecycle of customer communications, including product and marketing teams, subject matter experts, technical specialists, designers, and developers, content creators and reviewers, and frontline employees who work directly with end customers  

Communications, Sales and Marketing
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