BGE, Limited Selects Elixir Tango
for Enterprise Client Correspondence

OJAI, CA – July 18, 2011 – Elixir Technologies Corporation today announced BGE, Ltd has selected Tango, allowing Bradford to transition the design and development of their enterprise client communications to a web-based platform.

Tango is a component-based Client Communications Management (CCM) system accessed via a browser thus eliminating the need for locally installed software. Core components include design and layout, data management, business logic, content management, and production. These modules are integrated with Tango’s workflow component providing collaboration and control at all levels.

Michael Reilly, Manager of Transpromo for The Bradford Group, believes that Tango will help improve every correspondence with the customer. “The decision process for upgrading our customer communication platform was a collaboration of internal expert evaluation and the engagement of a leading industry consulting firm to assess the field of document composition solutions. In the end, Elixir’s Tango solution demonstrated the best fit with BGE’s complex customer communications management needs across our structured, interactive, and on-demand processes. We look forward to enhancing the relevance of our invoice, correspondence, and marketing documents by using Tango’s web-based features.”

Tango distributes tasks based on roles and responsibilities presenting features and options relevant to each user regardless of their technical expertise. This division of work matches the right person with the task allowing activities to be done in parallel resulting in improved turnaround time. Tango’s ability to integrate a wide range of user types and support virtually every form of communication delivery were significant considerations in BGE’s choice. With Tango, BGE can bring all necessary participants and processes into each project while controlling individual access.

About BGE, Ltd.
BGE, Ltd. is part of The Bradford Group a group of affiliated companies who are the leaders in the direct marketing of fine collectibles, jewelry, apparel, home décor, and other artistically inspired items.. Some of the major companies in their group are Bradford Exchange, Ltd., Collectibles Today Network, Ltd., Ashton-Drake Galleries, Ltd., Hawthorne Architectural Register, Ltd., and Hamilton Collection, Inc. BGE, Ltd. provides information services to the marketing companies in the Bradford Group.

About Elixir
Elixir Technologies provides solutions that help boost the effectiveness of communications while reducing the overall cost to develop them. Tango is Elixir’s web-based platform integrating the people and activities associated with design and development of personalized print, mobile and online communications.