Elixir Teams and Roles

Explore our different departments and teams to match your area of skill and interest:

At Elixir, Engineering is responsible for design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance of different products and solutions. Like any modern engineering team we follow scrum framework for managing our development processes where by we break large product development work into small incremental iterations called sprints. We have multiple small cross-functional teams consisting, typically, of front-end, and back-end engineers, along with QA, UX, and product management experts. All of these teams work as a unit to reach a common sprint goal. We not only deploy best practices but continuously evolve and improve these to speed up the development, increase teams collaboration, and enable a dependable release cycle. Most of our products are web based and cloud-ready making our technology-stack as very diverse one. We use C/C++ to develop our core services including data-processing, composition and print stream conversions. Java and Enterprise java frameworks are used to develop web application backends, and RESTful micro-services. A mix of front-end technologies including HTML5, Javascript, AngularJS and ReactJS are used to develop application user-interfaces. Our products also make use of many third party products and services including; Liferay for our Content, Workflow and Portal management needs, Redis for caching and queuing purpose, Relational databases for data storage, and SAN/NAS for content storage.

At Elixir’s Professional Services department it’s all about satisfying our customers and providing them the best solutions to solve their problems. For this purpose we conduct sessions to understand our client’s requirements, document their specifications and ensure that all our team members are able to meet their expectations. Furthermore, we work closely with offshore and onshore technical teams during design, development and implementation phases of the project. The scope of our services doesn’t end there; we also prepare training materials to train customers about application usage and support them in user acceptance testing activities.

If you wish to become a business analyst in our Professional Services department, it is vital to have strong communication and interpersonal skills along with the willingness to attain in depth knowledge of Elixir’s applications to be able to offer valuable solutions to our global customers.

The Technical Support department offers superb after sales service to all customers to enable them to effortlessly use the solutions provided by Elixir. Our team members provide guidance regarding general usage of the software and also help resolve issues if they arise. There are multiple channels which connect us to our valued customers; these include live chat, email, telephone and an online Elixir Support Portal. Our aim is to satisfy the customer to the extent that they become loyal to the company. The job is undeniably challenging as it requires extensive product knowledge, tact and diplomacy skills and excellent communication skills. Also, we have to work on a rotational basis to ensure that somebody is available to attend to customer queries at all times. However, it is the most satisfying feeling when we delight our customers and meet the goal of service at all cost.

Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is one of the fastest growing and most exciting segments in the software industry. At Elixir, the HCI department provides us an opportunity to pursue our careers as HCI Engineers and play a key role in the business solutions life cycle. Our team is involved in the design of products at user level which includes GUI design, usability analysis, functional design and product requirements development. If you understand the importance of minimalist design and can help us build intuitive user interfaces then this department is most apt for you.

The Software Testing department is an essential part of the software development life cycle. While in the waterfall method, it exists as a separate department, in scrum model, every team is enriched by at least one testing resource. We deal with performing the sanity testing of the product in the initial phases and then execute the functional testing including GUI testing, regression testing, functional testing, performance testing, stress testing and load testing. Other than this, our department is responsible for the non-functional testing like browser compatibility testing, operating system compatibility testing, security testing and scalability testing. Our team is also required to perform final release and integration testing.

We are a bunch of creative individuals who are passionate about designing graphics that range from a single icon to a complete product design. Therefore, we cater to the design needs of all departments and are involved in designing the company website, presentation templates, stationery, print design, animation etc. In a nutshell, the graphics department is responsible for handling Elixir’s entire branding activity to ensure that a consistent brand identity is maintained.

It goes without saying that we are a group of number crunching people, highly proficient at managing Elixir’s finances and responsible for producing the company’s financial statements. Our department undertakes various critical tasks such as handling payments and payroll, licensing and coordination with customers, ensuring Elixir’s compliance with corporate and tax laws and managing procurement of goods and services. Along with having strong financial and analytical skills it is vital for our team members to pay attention to detail in order to be able to spot errors to avoid fraud, theft and misappropriation of assets.

We play the role of an underlying support system for Elixir by proficiently handling the operations and administration tasks. Our goal is to direct people and resources towards achieving mutual goals and objectives by allowing them to work productively and efficiently. We handle a diverse range of tasks on a daily basis; therefore, strong organizational and management skills are required to work in this department. We are responsible for ensuring that the company operates in compliance with regulatory standards, managing the office cafeteria, making travel arrangements for employees for work related travel, handling infrastructure and security issues and managing transportation, services and office supplies. Mainly we ensure that the office operates smoothly and there is no hindrance faced in day to day operations.

The System Support department at Elixir caters to the IT needs of the company and must ensure that the computer network services run seamlessly at all times. Also, our team members have to vigilantly monitor network activities to make sure that the company network is protected from internal or external threats and stringent measures are needed to mitigate the risk of intrusion and cyber-attacks. Therefore, it’s a challenging job as we are responsible for such a vital aspect of Elixir.

Elixir has a dynamic Sales/Business Development department. All our team members are excellent communicators, have strong business analysis and negotiation skills and are adept at building specific value propositions for each influencer in the sales cycle. Our daily work is not only challenging it is also highly motivating as we go about meeting sales targets and manage and develop strategic accounts. It is important to note here that teamwork and collaboration are the key ingredients for success in this department.

Being part of the marketing team at Elixir you learn something new every day. Our department comprises of not only pure marketeers but also the techies who develop and manage Elixir’s website. Our primary focus is on inbound marketing and a regular day at work consists of developing and sharing marketing collateral which includes case studies, brochures, blog posts, tutorial videos etc. to globally promote the technology and services that Elixir provides. To join Elixir’s dynamic marketing team you need to be able to think outside the box along with having excellent communication, presentation, content writing and interpersonal skills.

Team HR at Elixir endeavors to craft a superlative experience throughout the employment life cycle by providing remarkable HR related services and assistance. We develop strategies that enable Elixir to attract and recruit the best employees. We are constantly geared towards retaining the talent we recruit by implementing training and development programs. Our employees are given ample opportunities for growth and those who outshine are generously rewarded.

If you are a people person, willing to connect and build professional relationships then Elixir’s HR Department is the right place for you.