If you are in charge of your company’s Medicare Advantage enrollment, the 2021 enrollment period presented new challenges that weren’t there in prior years. Covid has made it difficult, if not impossible, for teams to work together to roll out a seamless customer communications plan.

But what if your organization had an easy way to deliver timely communications to all of your customers, across all platforms and channels?

Customer Communications Management (CCM) Approaches Directly Impact Success

Many organizations have started to leverage CCM software to address the challenge creating multiple documents, each individually tailored for their thousands of members. Pre-built document templates provide the CMS layouts across multiple languages. By leveraging your existing PBP data, you can rest assured that your plan documents will match bid submissions and you will be able to generate fully compliant CMS outputs immediately.

Learn how a leading healthcare payer achieves 35-40% Medicare Advantage plan growth year-over-year

A leading payer recently implemented Elixir Tango, which helped them meet the rigorous demands presented by the regulatory controls and requirements surrounding CMS mandated customer plan materials, including the Annual Notice of Change, Evidence of Coverage, Summary of Benefit and other related material.

This E-Book shows how the payer was able to:

  • Accelerate Transformative Thinking: Gain insights into how the pandemic’s shift to support collaborative remote workers, the rise of Medicare Advantage plans and the swift evolution of member interactions is feeding the upcoming digital health ecosystem
  • The Composable Enterprise: With a portfolio of integrated and adaptable applications, you can empower disparate teams with seamless agility and
  • Empower Incremental Execution: Payers are making significant improvements in their customer communications which have led to improved cost savings, centralized all processes, approvals and content, and enhanced collaboration across departmental teams.
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