DesignPro Tools Plus | Design for Xerox and AFP Print Environments

DesignPro Tools Plus provides a visual interface that enables designers to create and edit the form, font and image resources for documents produced on AFP and Xerox production printers Concurrent licensing enables multiple users from a single license.

Opus | Design for Variable Data Documents

Opus is a visual development application used to design and produce personalized documents. Every element of the document can be handled conditionally, including text, graphics, and tables generating variable data documents delivered to virtually any print device.

Transformation Suite | Extend Value of Legacy Printstreams

Convert and repurpose legacy printstreams for web presentment, archives, and for use as data for other applications.


DesignPro Tools Plus provides a visual interface that enables document designers to create and edit the forms, fonts and images you need for business communications. The DesignPro Tools Plus software includes support for both AFP and Xerox production environments.

  • Edit form, font, and image resources graphically; no pre-conversion
  • Edit PPFA object or source code visually
  • Convert between AFP and Xerox formats
  • Convert to Windows, Adobe and Quark files to AFP or Xerox formats
  • Run automated conversion processes

NEW | Concurrent Licensing
Concurrent Licensing makes it easy to add new DesignPro Tools Plus users.

  • One license enables all users
  • Streamlines licensing administration and renewals
  • Share the DesignPro Tools Plus project load

Opus | Variable Data Documents
Your business rules combined with your data produces high-volume print and web documents − all with 100% personalization.

Opus is a rapid application development and production tool for high-volume, personalized document publishing. When designing your document, you can apply your business rules to determine content, physical layout, and production requirements. Every element of the document can be handled conditionally, including text, graphics, charts and tables. The finishing and production workflow use logic as well to manage post processing, print queues, and production schedules.

The Opus designer brings the power of variable application design to the desktop of any user familiar with Windows.

  • 100% personalization on each document
  • Automated document production
  • Centralized job management
  • Point-and-click logic tools
  • Proofing on-demand within application

Transformation Suite | Repurpose Legacy Printstreams
Elixir’s transformation solutions repurpose legacy printstreams for web presentation, archives and for use as data into other applications, converting the printstream into modern formats such as XML, CSV, or indexed PDF for archives, essentially allowing the printstream to become an input file to any other application.

  • Save time by eliminating manual data extractions: View a printstream as a composed document, use graphical mark-up tools to indicate areas for data extraction
  • Simplify migrations to new print environments: Point to the original resources, choose the format and convert, the file is ready for the new printer immediately
  • Produce documents directly to the web from your printstreams: Create composed PDFs for the web, avoiding redesign of documents that are currently represented only in printstreams
  • Easy conversions to target database or file format: Convert one printstream to multiple formats simultaneously
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