Elixir Releases Tango 3.0
SaaS for Customer Correspondence

OJAI, CA – June 17, 2014 – Elixir Technologies announced today the release of Tango 3.0, the latest version of the company’s flagship product. Tango is a SaaS platform used to design, manage, and publish omni-channel customer correspondence.

Healthcare payers, property/casualty insurers, and banks are among the enterprises using Tango to generate the communications required as their customers shop and compare products, enroll for services, and for on-going correspondence.

Tango offers the flexibility of a web-based experience to users across the entire content lifecycle, extending easy-to-use and powerful interfaces to a broad range of internal and external enterprise roles. Each user’s interface is configured to support the activities of their specific functional role such as content and template designers, marketing, customer service, production, compliance, reviewers/approvers, external partners, and more. Centrally-managed profiles make it possible to change a user’s options and access authorities in real time, ensuring they have the exact tools needed for their particular tasks.

The new version includes enhancements to both the business user interface as well as a layer of advanced features for the Tango core services modules used by technical teams. 
Key improvements and new highlights in Tango 3.0 include:

Business User Interface

  • Manage Complex Business Logic 

    Expanded functionality for rules creation enabling non-technical users to build sophisticated conditional expressions. Business rules are tested in real time in processes that are transparent to the user. Tango provides interactive dialogs to recommend changes for a successful result.  These business rules can drive approval routing, how content is used, how the correspondence is delivered, and many other processes in the workflow.
  • Cross-Channel Publishing
    In keeping with Tango’s ‘design once; publish anywhere’ concept, HTML can now be generated directly from a Tango template to produce dynamic web content. Tango uses the same template to produce print, archive, and email. This enhancement further improves business teams’ capabilities to manage the delivery across channels without the need for expertise in technical or production processes.

Core Services Interface

  • CMIS Plus
    Elixir’s CMIS Plus API enables Tango to share common content repositories, deeply integrating the content management and presentation features with Tango’s design and production. Built on the industry standard CMIS protocol, CMIS Plus is an API that includes extended metadata supported by Alfresco and positions Tango for easy integration with other common content management systems.
  • Integrated Data and Output Proofing
    The data management module supports real-time data proofing eliminating the need to prepare and save files for preview.  Users can test multiple versions of the data, quickly cycling through and viewing the results of any number of variations. An expression evaluation feature further extends testing capabilities to preview how the final output is formatted when functions are applied on a field from the data.
  • Expanded Reporting
    Tango 3.0 exports reporting data in a wider range of industry standard formats to support third party applications. Formats include PDF, HTML, XML, RTF and several others.


Elixir’s unique approach to SaaS architecture means that Tango can be delivered completely from the cloud. With deployments ranging from an Elixir-hosted dedicated or shared external cloud environment, a company’s internal enterprise cloud environment, or a hybrid configuration, customers have numerous options. Regardless of how Tango is deployed, users will access everything from their browsers, and will have a consistent, secure and reliable experience.

About Elixir Technologies 

Elixir provides technology and services that help organizations improve communications to their customers by streamlining processes and reducing operational costs.  Founded in 1985, we have consistently provided state-of-the-art technology and today we continue that standard with Tango, a collaborative cloud-based platform used to generate correspondence of all types. Tango is designed specifically to handle the requirements related to the content, data, and documents that highly regulated industries must follow.  Elixir is a global company with offices in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and headquarters in the United States. www.elixir.com