Elixir’s official COVID-19 Contingency Plan

Like many of you, Elixir has been closely following the outbreak of COVID-19. We extend our condolences to the thousands of people who have experienced serious illness or lost loved ones to this virus. At the same time, we have confidence in the consummate skill, expertise and dedication of the health workers and public agencies working to contain COVID-19, develop a vaccine, and implement testing and treatment protocols in communities experiencing outbreaks.

We want to assure our customers and business partners that Elixir is taking proactive steps to ensure the continuity of the company’s critical business functions and to keep all stakeholders apprised of our contingency plan for infectious disease outbreaks.

Below is a list of actions Elixir has taken or is in the process of taking to address COVID-19.

  1. Elixir maintains an Emergency Action Plan with procedures for responding to pandemics. We are incorporating the latest guidance from CDC, WHO, and other public health agencies into our pandemic response procedures. We have taken all precautionary measures across our global offices, to ensure awareness about prevention among our valued employees.
  2. The Elixir Tango infrastructure is hosted in data centers that are geographically remote from Elixir’s Corporate Headquarters. Thus, Elixir’s ability to support hosted Tango deployments is not impacted by disruptions at Corporate Headquarters.
  3. In addition, Elixir’s critical applications are backed up to the AWS cloud and we maintain offices in multiple locations around the globe. In the event an outbreak impacts a particular geographic region, Elixir has the capacity to shift critical operations to alternate locations.
  4. In December 2017, Elixir followed a robust set of protocols during the Thomas Fire, which enabled us to support our customers without impact.
  5. On December 18, 2019, Elixir conducted a test of its Business Continuity Plan, using a pandemic scenario to assess our response procedures for addressing an infectious disease outbreak. We are incorporating what we learned from the exercise into our pandemic plan and COVID-19 response.
  6. On March 2, 2020, Elixir’s Emergency Task Force met to develop a strategic response to COVID-19. The Emergency Task Force will continue to meet regularly with daily briefings to address new developments.
  7. Elixir has suspended all nonessential business travel for our employees, as a precautionary measure.
  8. Elixir has appointed our General Manager, Anne Marie Kyle, to oversee the company’s response to COVID-19. Anne Marie’s primary focus will be ensuring the continuity of Elixir’s critical business functions as this situation develops. Anne Marie will also provide regular updates on Elixir’s COVID-19 response procedures through our corporate website, our social media platforms and email correspondence.
  9. We invite anybody with questions regarding Elixir’s COVID-19 contingency plan to contact Anne Marie Kyle at etf@elixir.com

The current situation is evolving moment by moment. As things develop, we are committed to working with our network of customers, business partners, and suppliers to proactively address this crisis and move toward recovery.