Excellus BlueCross BlueShield Selects Elixir Tango for Member Correspondence

OJAI, CA – July 10, 2012 – Elixir Technologies Corporation today announced Excellus BlueCross BlueShield has added its Tango technology platform for creation, management, and delivery of member correspondence.

The transition to the Tango platform is a strategic decision driven by regulatory pressures and customer demands for faster access to information that requires technology that can provide the business with self-service and multi-channel delivery capabilities.

This decision comes on the heels of the Excellus BCBS 2012 enrollment season in which a turnkey Tango solution was used for ID card development, creation, delivery, and reporting. Excellus BCBS transitioned the development of the ID cards to Tango’s web-based platform which provides a collaborative environment in which Excellus BCBS enrollment, sales, and document services groups can quickly and easily manage the end-to-end process. The Tango platform also provides electronic access to ID cards via its integrated document server which expands the capabilities of the business, supporting its members via more cost effective and efficient means. Excellus BCBS has engaged with Elixir to expand their use of the platform to include additional documents including subscriber contracts and Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC).

A key factor in the decision was the Tango Business Interface which empowers line-of-business users to control and manage aspects of the workflow to speed up the delivery of critical documents and information thus allowing members to access information and use their services.

The Tango Business Interface presents correspondence creation as configurable applications. Each application is configured to offer only approved templates built around workflows that support specific business processes. The users are permitted access to applications based on their profile. This balances line-of-business and IT responsibilities and streamlines the process while maintaining control at appropriate levels.

The Tango architecture is unique, providing the ability to centrally deploy and control all the system components and expose access via browser interfaces to any module or application necessary for the business process. This assures distributed access with zero software footprint on the local desktop, providing rapid deployment to any user or group who needs access to an application.

About Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, a nonprofit independent licensee of the BlueCross BlueShield Association, is part of a family of companies that finances and delivers vital health care services to about 1.8 million people across upstate New York. Excellus BlueCross BlueShield provides access to high-quality, affordable health coverage, including valuable health-related resources that our members use every day, such as cost-saving prescription drug discounts and wellness tracking tools in our Step Up program.

Elixir Expands Tango to include SaaS Solution for Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)
OJAI, CA – May, 1 2012 – Elixir Technologies Corporation today announced the launch of its SBC application to help health plan providers meet the September 2012 mandate for creation of a uniform summary of benefits and coverage. This application is one of several solutions offered in the Tango Communication Management System for Healthcare.

Elixir is providing the Tango based turnkey application to assist health plans in their ability to meet the September 23rd deadline. The SBC application is delivered as a SaaS or on-premise solution. Tango’s flexible data and logic tools provide the ability for any health plan to map their benefit data without alteration to the pre-defined SBC templates. Elixir also provides services to assist plans with the integration/migration. Tango provides an automated model for SBC generation to keep health plans compliant and reduce reliance on IT and administrative systems.

Elixir is a recognized provider for solutions to the healthcare industry including by independent research firm Forrester Research, Inc. in the September 2011 report: “The Forrester Wave™: Document Output For Customer Communications Management, Q3 2011”. In the report, Elixir’s Tango solution achieves Strong Performer status and is top ranked in the SaaS category. The report goes on to say that Elixir’s focus is 100% on SaaS-based interactive applications like correspondence management and in particular, outside the firewall mobile applications such as management of membership cards for health insurance. Tango supports batch and on-demand production of SBCs and can provide delivery via print and electronic including email, and web presentment.

“Many health plans looking for a solution to support the SBC requirement already have other Elixir software in place in various departments” says Feroz Zaidi, President. “Elixir has been a leading software developer since 1985 and a large number of health plan providers already use other Elixir products to support document composition for high-volume print production. Our expansion to support line-of-business correspondence such as the SBC has been welcome news to our existing customers and also proves Elixir as a seasoned and reliable long-term provider for highly regulated industries.”

Tango provides an automated model for SBC generation to keep health plans compliant and reduce reliance on IT and administrative systems.

Elixir Cited As A Strong Performer for DOCCM Corporate Strategy by Independent Research Firm
OJAI, CA – September 15, 2011 – Elixir announced today that Forrester Research Inc. has recognized Tango both as a Top Ranked in the SaaS current offering category and achieves Strong Performer status.

In its September 2011 report “The Forrester Wave™: Document Output for Customer Communications Management, Q3 2011” the firm states that “Elixir has taken a bold SaaS direction…” and adds that “Tango is the first DOCCM SaaS offering appearing in a Forrester Wave.”

For inclusion in this evaluation, the enterprise DOCCM software solutions must support all three document segments (interactive, on demand and structured); have innovative solutions or significant market share; and generate strong customer interest.

Elixir is noted as having a “100% focus on SaaS-based interactive applications like correspondence management, and in particular, outside the firewall mobile applications such as management of membership cards for health insurance.”

Dr. Bruce Damer, board member and Technology Strategist for Elixir said: “We believe this recognition proves our strategic decision in 2003 to develop a complete SaaS-model for client communications was the right one. Forrester’s acknowledgement that Tango is 100 percent web-based is a key point for companies who want to transition to solutions that can take full advantage of the benefits afforded by web-based open technologies: rapid application development spread across and beyond the organization, zero software footprint on the desktop, and flexibly priced modular customization with modern design tools. Most important of all, Tango is an industry game changer bridging the legacy world of batch document composition to the new world of fully interactive and mobile apps.”

Tango is a Client Communications Management (CCM) platform that integrates all the necessary components required to support the end-to-end workflow for delivering highly personalized communications via multiple channels. Core modules include design and layout, data management, business logic, content management, and production as well as integration of Adobe® InDesign® and QuarkXPress®. New since this evaluation is the Tango business user interface which leverages the workflows and the applications created in core modules allowing business users the ability to efficiently create and deliver effective communications. Tango can be deployed in a variety of ways: hosted or on-premise, public and/or private SaaS, or in a traditional licensing scenario.

BGE Limited Selects Elixir Tango for Enterprise Client Correspondence
OJAI, CA – July 18, 2011 – Elixir Technologies Corporation today announced BGE, Ltd has selected Tango, allowing Bradford to transition the design and development of their enterprise client communications to a web-based platform.

Tango is a component-based Client Communications Management (CCM) system accessed via a browser thus eliminating the need for locally installed software. Core components include design and layout, data management, business logic, content management, and production. These modules are integrated with Tango’s workflow component providing collaboration and control at all levels.

Michael Reilly, Manager of Transpromo for The Bradford Group, believes that Tango will help improve every correspondence with the customer. “The decision process for upgrading our customer communication platform was a collaboration of internal expert evaluation and the engagement of a leading industry consulting firm to assess the field of document composition solutions. In the end, Elixir’s Tango solution demonstrated the best fit with BGE’s complex customer communications management needs across our structured, interactive, and on-demand processes. We look forward to enhancing the relevance of our invoice, correspondence, and marketing documents by using Tango’s web-based features.”

Tango distributes tasks based on roles and responsibilities presenting features and options relevant to each user regardless of their technical expertise. This division of work matches the right person with the task allowing activities to be done in parallel resulting in improved turnaround time. Tango’s ability to integrate a wide range of user types and support virtually every form of communication delivery were significant considerations in BGE’s choice. With Tango, BGE can bring all necessary participants and processes into each project while controlling individual access.

About BGE, Ltd.
BGE, Ltd. is part of The Bradford Group a group of affiliated companies who are the leaders in the direct marketing of fine collectibles, jewelry, apparel, home décor, and other artistically inspired items.. Some of the major companies in their group are Bradford Exchange, Ltd., Collectibles Today Network, Ltd., Ashton-Drake Galleries, Ltd., Hawthorne Architectural Register, Ltd., and Hamilton Collection, Inc. BGE, Ltd. provides information services to the marketing companies in the Bradford Group. thebradfordgroup.com