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Elixir Tango is a modern, comprehensive SaaS platform for your entire communication lifecycle. Redefine your employee experience and improve your customer experience to drive business growth.

Put products to market faster while improving customer experience. Proactive security measures meet worldwide standards to drive safe growth.

Business Values

Elixir Tango streamlines your customer on-boarding process by using data intake to drive business rules that send your customers personalized and compliant financial communications. Fulfill governance requirements with digitally signed releases.

Validation of variable content elements throughout assembly cycles automatically triggers notifications to relevant stakeholders, allowing users to manage content approval & monitor a project’s process.

Elixir Tango’s  digital outputs are ready for delivery through any channel— including web portal, e-mail, SMS, or print—giving insurance organizations the freedom to choose the right vendor and drive down costs for fulfilment.

Financial Services organizations need to be out in front of their customer needs, by offering new products, services and advice on demand. Bringing new financial products and offerings to market involves strong cross-functional collaboration, workflows that drive efficiency and accuracy, and a set of tools designed for improving the customer experience by enhancing the employee experience.

Many Financial Services organizations today are stuck with cumbersome legacy processes for their communications, which impede their initiatives to modernize processes. As a result, there is a lack of collaboration and even small changes require the help of an expensive and already overworked IT department. Elixir conceived Tango+ to improve collaboration across large organizations and it can be configured to allow business users to safely drive change management, while stakeholders get real-time visibility and monitoring of a project’s process.

Manual processes can hinder an organization’s ability to meet regulatory requirements. With Elixir Tango, Financial Service firms can comply with regulations while generating financial communications regarding products, including disclosure statements and notices.


Elixir Tango enables customer correspondence to be delivered swiftly. Our built-in content management system feeds into consolidated master templates, simplifying management speeding time to market. Preview your communications at every editing stage, improving document accuracy and compliance.

Swiftly deliver personalized account statements to your customers. Empower business users by leveraging with Elixir Tango’s powerful Business User Interface freeing up IT teams and improving Time to Market.

Personalize messaging and enhance customer experience using Elixir Tango Interactive HTML 5 statements.

Streamline your internal cheque printing environment with Elixir Tango. Empower business users within your organization with an easy-to-use interface that helps automate Checkbook printing, Deposit Slips printing and Dividend Certificates printing.

Empower your Call Service Representatives to make personalized, one-time communications to members using approved content and templates, with workflows to improve accuracy.

Elixir Apps
Elixir apps are full document lifecycle application accelerators that can be built and configured into your Tango+ subscription.

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Create highly personalized marketing content to drive additional customer revenue. Elixir Tango easily configures to any delivery channel so financial communications are tailored to customer preferences. Consistent branding and marketing messaging across the enterprise ensure compliance with corporate and industry standards.

Elixir Digital Apps

Elixir Tango provides a native application development environment and optional no code framework to create and configure applications to automate and manage customer communication for personal and no-touch use cases. 

/ Bring frontline employees into the flow to provide an agile and relevant experience for customers across modes and channels.

/ Speed up time to market for products and services that require compliant documentation and live interactions along the engagement lifecycle, without expounding cost or risk.

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Security and Compliance

Elixir’s clients work in the most highly regulated industries in the world, with protected personal information and sensitive proprietary data. Organizations need the most up-to-date and proactive security processes.

Elixir works alongside these organizations to deliver efficient communications solutions that match the level of security our customers expect. Our evolving internal processes comply with stringent data security and privacy regulations like HIPAA and GDPR and we work with strategic cloud partners who adhere to the highest security standards available, including:  HiTRUST, PCI DSS, SOC1 and 2, ISO 27k, and more.

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