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Get Healthcare Plans to Market Fast, without exponential Cost or Risk.

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Elixir Tango has evolved in payer organizations, where the demanding regulatory requirements and market forces leave no room for error or delay. 

Elixir consultants participates in yearly retrospectives after the enrollment period, to listen to end users talk about their challenges and success and feed it all back into the platform’s roadmap.

Elixir helps healthcare payers with the full book of Go to Market requirements, including compliance with ADA and accessibility, and mandated communications for Medicare and all other lines of business – to connect with members in new ways – including no touch and automated interactions, personalized use cases, and during live interactions with members.

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Features & Benefits

Integrate Elixir Tango with sources of truth to bring quality assurance upstream and automate and govern the length of member communication workflows.

Eliminate silos and repetitive review cycles by empowering knowledge workers to create, review, and approve content before it hits the repository.

Design and optimize the end to end authoring process with a simple, component ‘block’ interface.

Elixir Tango has an open API interface that connects across systems and sources to support engagement in current and future states.

Align content, data, and design within the greater business process to automate composition at scale.

Elixir Tango provides a drag & drop interface that configures functional workspaces to focus specialized experts and empower mainstream users to personalize customer communications in real time to support new channels and modes of engagement, without adding risk.

Business teams can work in a familiar application and leverage Elixir Tango content management and inline business rules to create parallel versions based on regulatory and market requirements during creation and review phases.

Check work in real time to review and test content, design, and business rules and logic.

Automate 508 compliant output in all languages, ready for remediation.

Elixir is a Gartner Peer insights Customer Choice for Customer Communication Management in 2020.

Elixir Digital Apps

Elixir Tango provides a native application development environment and optional no code framework to create and configure applications to automate and manage customer communication for personal and no-touch use cases. 

/ Bring frontline employees into the flow to provide an agile and relevant experience for customers across modes and channels.

/ Speed up time to market for products and services that require compliant documentation and live interactions along the engagement lifecycle, without expounding cost or risk.

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Compliance is everyone’s business.

Elixir is HiTRUST certified and compliant with PCI DSS, SOC1 and 2, ISO 27k, GDPR, and HIPAA and operates and manages Elixir Tango in HIPPA compliant and HITRUST certified cloud environments for its healthcare customers.

Elixir Tango is a SaaS platform for customer communications management that is accessed through a browser and online; ensuring that customers have anytime and anywhere access and a great Software as a Service experience is a founding principle of Elixir Technologies.

Elixir operates in accordance with current best-practices and acceptable use standards for data security and privacy.

Elixir Compliance

Elixir Tango

Seeing is believing; but doing is everything.  

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