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Elixir Hold & Review is an agile and extensible QA process that automates collaborative PDF review cycles.

Business and technical teams have long suffered challenges creating and managing changes in documentation and correspondence workflows, especially manual, post composition processes, relying on email and offline collaboration to reconcile compound documents with multiple versions.

Introducing Elixir Hold & Review, a composition workflow solution that ensures customer communications remain compliant and error-free.

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Composable | Compliant PDF Cycles and Operational Intelligence

Reconcile Complex Documents with Multiple Versions

Stay Compliant with Document Governance Workflows

Build a Firewall against the cost and risk of non compliance

Establish data-driven, purpose-built and configurable workflows

Support and empower remote and temporary employees

Eliminate costly redundancies and risk by managing chain of custody

Free IT teams from helpdesk support tickets and queues

Align operational practices with regulatory requirements

Inform decisions with operational data and dashboards

Free business teams to work and manage review processes autonomously

Save time and mitigate risk with predefined and automated controls

Scale out and serve multiple use cases and lines of business

Develop a Center of Excellence for Regulated Communication

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Key Features


Launch cross-functional workflows based on user roles and rights


Add, assign and reassign participants and make changes in-flight


Comment, mark-up, and annotate for better collaboration among teams


Message and alert other participants in real time


Analyze and keep track of changes through each stage of the review process


Send approved versions to preferred delivery channel

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