Investing time and money in recruiting and training qualified staff is a major commitment for any business. When those employees leave, the costs can deliver a big blow to a company’s bottom line. According to the Human Resources Institute, it costs between $10-15 k to replace the average frontline employee. Indirect costs such as poor service due to staffing shortages can damage a company’s reputation and cost them business. According to one survey, 89% of consumers reported doing business with a competitor after receiving poor service and 59% said they would try a new brand or company to receive better service.

For call centers, the problem of employee turnover is especially vexing. While the national average for employee turnover in 2017 was 18.5%, call center churn regularly ranges between 30-40%. With statistics like these, it’s clear that call centers need to make employee retention a priority.

The statistics on call center churn underscore the critical role that user experience plays in retaining customers. What many businesses may not realize is that a positive user experience is also critical to retaining qualified, well-trained call center representatives (CSRs). Lack of collaboration, employee burnout, and outdated or inadequate technology are consistently rated as top reasons for call center churn.

While many businesses focus on improving benefits or training to reduce turnover, the importance of having the right tools cannot be underestimated. CSRs must provide top-notch service while addressing customer concerns and fielding a high volume of calls. Giving CSRs the ability to update client accounts and generate personalized correspondence on demand can make the difference between a satisfied client and a disgruntled customer.

By giving CSRs the right tools, businesses can dramatically improve employee experience and greatly reduce the pervasive problem of call center churn. In the long term, retaining qualified CSRs can save you money and grow your business by providing your customers the stellar service they deserve.

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