Elixir Tango SaaS delivered automation & design-led UX configures and scales to the entire organization while creating Contracts, Policy Documents, Letter Correspondence, and Ad-hoc Correspondence. Extend control and autonomy throughout your organization, from the C-suite all the way to customer service representatives who talk directly to customers and prospects in real time.

Information flows freely and safely. Data-driven, automated change management powers customer-centric conversations and human-time experience for everyone.

Business Values

On-boarding new customers entails several parallel and discreet phases, like gathering and documenting personal information, and complying with governance requirements, such as disseminating accurate and current notices, informing new members of relevant legislative changes and insurance options, and publishing product and service disclaimers.

Elixir Tango unifies the customer information and documents it, ensuring the customer communication disseminated is compliant and fulfils all the governance requirements with digitally-signed releases.

Elixir Tango integrates with core systems to synchronize content and data, using relevant information gathered throughout requirements cycles to initiate digital communications. Elixir Tango arranges and governs all the information in a unified cloud repository with dynamic meta tags to locate and display content quickly and easily.

Native document and content approval process-flows drive accuracy and support compliance and secure handling of sensitive data. Content is governed by predefined conditional logic in a unified cloud repository, so downstream users work with approved and relevant assets aligned with application logic that defines accessible “hotspots” – fields open to specific users within discrete versions.

Validate variable content elements throughout assembly cycles that notify stakeholders of any changes, making content approval & revision seamless and timely.

Elixir Tango digital outputs are agnostic and ready for delivery through any channel, including web portal, e-mail, SMS, or print, giving insurance organizations the freedom to choose the right vendor and drive down costs for fulfillment.

Elixir Tango is built to handle the on-demand requirements that enable businesses to sell their solutions on e-commerce platforms such as WeChat, Amazon, and others. Open APIs deliver speed and flexibility to enable quick and rapid customer adoption.


Empower your Call Service Representatives to make personalized, one-time communications to members using approved content and templates, with workflows to improve accuracy.

Elixir Apps
Elixir apps are full document lifecycle application accelerators that can be built and configured into your Elixir Tango subscription.

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Consolidate data and content into master templates that power change for all your products. Elixir Tango’s business rule engine automates manual steps to speed time to market. Elixir Tango API calls integrate with your core billing systems to ensure that billing processes and communications are accurate, timely and responsive.

Elixir Tango Business User Interfaces extend creation and management responsibilities directly into the business user’s hands. Deliver customized and effective insurance claims communications with ease. Speed your claims resolution time and reduce costs by leveraging Elixir Tango preapproved workflows, eSignature and eDelivery. Reduce risk while increasing customer satisfaction and retention.  Preview your communications at every stage, improving accuracy and reducing call center volume.

Save your communications at any step in the workflow for later retrieval to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Create highly personalized marketing content to drive additional customer revenue. Use your data to automate personalized content that improves the customer experience.

Elixir Tango  easily configures to any delivery channel so insurance communications are tailored to customer preferences. Consistent branding and marketing messaging across the enterprise ensures corporate and market compliance. Business User Interfaces and Microsoft Word integrations improve agility and speed to market. The Elixir Tango Content Management System allows you to reuse approved content to automate processes and improve consistency.

Elixir Tango  open-API-driven capabilities integrate with your core PAS system swiftly and with ease. Generate a live preview at any stage in your policy document life cycle. Approval workflows in Elixir Tango ensure that policy documents & all insurance communications have passed through your organization’s approval process before production. eSignature and eDelivery technology integrated into Elixir Tango enables a quicker completion of the policy issuance process.

Elixir Digital Apps

Elixir Tango provides a native application development environment and optional no code framework to create and configure applications to automate and manage customer communication for personal and no-touch use cases. 

/ Bring frontline employees into the flow to provide an agile and relevant experience for customers across modes and channels.

/ Speed up time to market for products and services that require compliant documentation and live interactions along the engagement lifecycle, without expounding cost or risk.

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Security and Compliance

Elixir’s clients work in the most highly regulated industries in the world, with protected personal information and sensitive proprietary data. Organizations need the most up-to-date and proactive security processes.

Elixir works alongside these organizations to deliver efficient communications solutions that match the level of security our customers expect. Our evolving internal processes comply with stringent data security and privacy regulations like HIPAA and GDPR and we work with strategic cloud partners who adhere to the highest security standards available, including:  HiTRUST, PCI DSS, SOC1 and 2, ISO 27k, and more.

Elixir Compliance Insurance-

Case Studies

Elixir designed a new WorkFlow (powered by the Elixir Tango digital platform) centered around online touch points that happen through mobile devices and WeChat, China’s ubiquitous social platform and communication app.

Elixir Tango

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