Industry challenges

Organizations in virtually every industry struggle to meet the on-demand change requests of their customer base. These changes can be something as simple as an address change or even the addition of a new family member to an insurance policy. Without a solution in place to empower your call service representatives (CSR) to make these personalized communications, organizations risk a lowered customer experience as well as an overall longer manual process involving multiple departments and a dependence on IT resources.

Digital Transformation

Elixir's On-Demand Correspondence apps are built around an intuitive user experience that will be instantly familiar to all your customer service representatives and member service representatives. Elixir’s On-Demand Correspondence app is built with Elixir’s Tango technology and is accessed 100% in the browser with a single-sign on portal experience that can scale across your entire CSR team. Empower your CSR/MSR team to deliver personalized communications that improve customer experience and never interrupt batch production.

Business Values

Personalized communications

Improve customer experiences by leveraging pre-existing content and templates to update customer information in real-time and deliver on-demand correspondence.

Faster time to market

Empowering your CSRs to make changes themselves gets correspondence to your customers faster and with less impact on your IT team.

Multi-channel delivery

On-demand correspondence can be outputted into virtually any channel, SMS,e-mail, HTML5, web portal, print.


Tango scales to the needs of your organization, accommodating the needs of 1000s of CSRs.

Approval Workflows

Built upon Elixir's Tango platform, the communications your CSRs create will go through your organization’s proper approval process.

Integration with Tango

The On-Demand Correspondence App integrates with your batch variable document production and has all the benefits that Tango provides, including deep API capabilities, workflow, content management system, and more.

Elixir has over 30 years of experience in producing document solutions for highly regulated industries. We help our customers lower the risk of errors and improve efficiency.

Tango, our 100% SaaS-delivered Platform, enables your organization to better manage your customer communications, increase your speed to market, and empower business users.

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