Elixir’s Property and Casualty Insurance solution uses Tango, our SaaS powered platform to create more efficient Billing, Claims, Policy Issue, and Marketing documents. Increase productivity and efficiency for all your communications.


Tango allows P&C Insurers to create more efficient Billing, Claims, Policy Issue and Marketing communications. Speed your time to market, and improve productivity. Tango can be is deployed securely in the cloud or using a hybrid approach. Tango provides complete document lifecycle management. Tango can scale to meet all of your business needs.

Tango offers a single repository for all your content, data and document logic. Reusing approved content ensures accurate communications.

Tango workflows are configured on top of our SaaS platform, allowing your organization to collaborate on document design across any distance. User portals are easily adjusted to your business processes allowing access to the right people all the time.


Tango features an intuitive user experience empowering business users to create faster omni-channel billing notices from a single master template. Tango allows you to reduce print and mail costs, eliminate manual processes and lower your call center volume. Tango can integrate with your core billing systems to ensure your billing processes and communications are accurate, timely, and responsive.

Tango’s Business User Interface puts the power of communication directly into the business user’s hands. Deliver customized and effective claims communications effortlessly. Speed your claims resolution time and reduce costs by leveraging Tango preapproved workflows, eSignature and eDelivery. Reduce risk while increasing customer satisfaction and retention. Save your communications at any step in the workflow for later retrieval to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Tango allows you to preview your communications at every stage, improving accuracy and reducing call center volume.

Tango allows you to create highly personalized content to drive additional customer revenue. Tango supports omni-channel delivery, so communications are tailored to customer preferences. Consistent branding and messaging across the enterprise ensures corporate and market compliance. Business User empowerment and automated collaboration workflows enable agility and speed to market. Leverage reusable content to transform your look and feel with one click. Use your data to automate personalized content, improving the customer experience.

Tango SaaS capabilities allow you to integrate with your core PAS system easier than the competition. With Tango you can generate a live preview at any stage in your document life cycle. Tango approval workflows ensure that your documents have passed through your organizations approval process before production. Tango integrates eSignature and eDelivery technology to speed completion of the policy issuance process.

Elixir has over 30 years of experience in producing document solutions for highly regulated industries, including Insurance. We help our customers lower the risk of errors and improve efficiency.

Tango, our SaaS Based Business Experience Platform (BXP), enables your organization to better manage your customer communications, increase your speed to market, and empower Business Users.

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