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Elixir Real-Time Correspondence

Real-Time Correspondence

Elixir Real-Time Correspondence

Real-Time Correspondence

Customer Communication is a Business Process between a business and its customers.

Real Time Correspondence supports new engagement channels and modes for Sales Management, Customer Service & Support, and Business Services functions, with a no-code application development framework for programmed governance of end to end engagement and communication processes that lets frontline employees safely personalize and deliver critical communications during live interactions with customers, members, and consumers.


Self Service

Real Time Correspondence is a simple, interactive, guided experience that governs the length of critical communication processes between the business and its customers, so you can design the engagement to comply and ensure quality, and open up parts of the process to employees and agents who talk to your customers every day, without adding risk.


Real Time Correspondence scales as needed, up, down, and horizontally to let more people interact and change the right parts of the process for faster and more successful customer communication outcomes.


The Real-Time Correspondence integration with open APIs to apply content and data from variable sources, capture information during live interactions with customers and consumers, and dynamically compose and deliver critical communications for any channel or mode.


Real-Time Correspondence snaps end users and functions with access along a business process between the business and its customers, communication with customers.

Design the business with a guided experience for customer communication that moves easily across channels and modes  

Agility at Scale 

Composable and collaborative customer facing processes with a simple guided experience interface that configures to exacting requirements.   

Real Time Experience features a simple form interface that easily configures to digitalize document workflows and customer-facing processes, so you can take advantage of new channels and services and meet your customers online, where they spend time and prefer to transact everyday business.  


Automate review and approval cycles that put critical customer communications in front of the right subject matter experts and approvers to ensure compliance and quality, without slowing down the flow of business, to optimize the customer experience.  

Content creation happens on the fly and by design

Service& Support

Frontline representatives can work autonomously and make the most of live interactions with customers. provide support, capture information, resolve issues, and submit requests during the first call to provide an effective customer experience. 

Compliance &Quality Assurance

Equip sales representatives and agents with content that enables them to make the sale, based on minimal interactions with a simple, form interface that synchs field requests with the right resources, in real time and at the point of sale.