The Elixir Consultancy is a hands-on, strategic partner to customersElixir solutions and services teams spend time working with customers, on the ground, to both understand and improve the status quo, and engage in digital optimization and transformation, from initial strategy and planning through execution and quarterly business reviews and retrospectives. 

Elixir Professional Services and Consultancy teams work with customers to 

Uncover, assess, & transform inefficient, redundant, error-prone, manual work practices.

Define, design, and optimize content and document-centric business processes that focus on the customer experience to optimize customer communication outcomes.

Safely engage and inform customers in real time, while they engage with service, support, and sales representatives.

Empower safe, cross-functional collaboration for every stakeholder.

Elixir Technology & Services for Optimal Customer Communication Outcomes in Current & Future States 

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Elixir Solution &DevelopmentServices

Elixir Consultancy

Elixir Professional Services

Elixir Tango supports all physical and digital delivery channels and consumption modes. 

Elixir is HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified, and manages Tango in secure public and private cloud environments that meet customer requirements. 

Elixir Compliance Professional Services-

Elixir offers support and service for its desktop products: 

DesignPro Tools for AFP / Visual PPFA  DesignPro Tools for Xerox  Opus  Transformation Suite 

Elixir Tango

Seeing is believing; but doing is everything.

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